Aug 24

Bitcoin VPS – The Best Option for Total Confidentiality and Anonymity

bitcoin VPS 4The term Bitcoin Hosting was not known to many until cryptocurrencies got viral over the internet. By now, bitcoin has become the most successful cryptocurrency within just a couple of years with its value increasing from a few dollars to a thousand dollars for every single unit. Because of its unstable value at the initial stages, this type of currency was considered as only an opportunity to invest; however, now bitcoin payment has become common, especially for online services. For example, offers Bitcoin VPS along with Offshore VPS, Offshore Hosting and more.

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Aug 27

Top 5 Tips to Create a Powerful Online Marketing Video

online marketing videoOnce again in the marketing industry, importance of online videos is increasing and more and more marketing professionals, content creators and journalists are turning towards these effective marketing tools. Actually, online videos had never been underestimated; just, other trends boomed up and faded away, whereas online videos maintained their place. Abdo Senni, an online marketer, shares here five tips on making effective online videos for your business and marketing campaign.

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Aug 23

Dedicated vs Shared Game Server Hosting – A Practical Comparison

game server hostingSo what is the difference between a Dedicated and a Shared game server? Price is not the only difference, but do you really need a dedicated server? After a closer investigation I realize that sometimes a shared server will do the job with great results.

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Aug 19

Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies that You should Apply in China

digital marketing strategies for ChinaChina is fast progressing on the digital fronts. Digital marketing strategies applied for Chinese markets should be carefully planned and chosen because trends here are constantly changing and dynamic. If you are aspiring to succeed in the Chinese markets from inside China or from overseas, you should learn these top 5 digital marketing strategies in China shared with us by the digital marketing experts at

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Aug 14

4 Amazing Benefits of a Free Website Builder

free website builderWhen it comes to designing a website, a common man always thinks that it’s not his cup of tea. Indeed, building a website needs a lot of knowledge, time and experience. In such a condition, what if someone tells you that there is a free website builder? Will you believe it? But I am telling you that and you have to believe it! Yes, KixGO is the free website builder. You may be skeptical about if the website will be alright just because it is being offered free. So, I tell you here the benefits of a free website builder.

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Aug 10

What’s the Difference between Proxy and VPN?

vpn iranThe purpose of using proxy or VPN server is to spoof some geo-location or to conceal the identity of the user. Many providers who offer VPN (in Iran: خرید vpn) also provide some type of proxy service. On the other hand, you can use some public proxy servers for free. But, what is the difference between these two and should you opt for VPN or proxy? Let’s find out! Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 06

What is VPS Hosting?

vps hostingIf you want to learn more about VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, you’ve come to the right place. Since shared and VPS hosting are two very different environments, when it comes to webhosting, it’s necessary to look into a different set of factors when picking the right VPS plan. Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 05

4 Great Tips for SEO for Photographers

SEO for photographersPhotographers are bound to be creative and so, SEO is something more of “technical stuff” for them. However, the fog is clearing off over last few years. Google’s algorithms are getting increasingly understandable and SEO industry is heading fast towards maturity. While many aspects of SEO do need some technical knowledge, most part of it has become simpler. In that case, if you ignore these changes in the online market and believe that only your excelling photography skills will take you to the top, you may be seriously mistaken. Maybe your mediocre competitor learns everything in SEO for photographers, get her/his site properly optimized and take away a major share of business from you. So, you have to learn SEO. Here are some tips.

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Jul 31

SuiteCRM – A Way to Run Your Business More Smoothly and Efficiently

suiteCRM hostingAs a business owner, you always need to build good relationships with your customers. Now you can do this with CRM service, i.e. Customer Relationship Management. In particular, SuiteCRM Hosting is supposed to be the best. What is it? Let’s see.

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Jul 30

WP Engine Coupon – The Most Efficient Hosting At A Reduced Price

wp engine wordpress hostWP Engine is a popular choice for WordPress hosting for small businesses and there are reasons for that. You can get numerous shared web hosts as such for as low as $10 a month and can get WordPress installed on your own within minutes. However, WP Engines has something to offer which shared hosts don’t and it’s support. And now you can also get WPEngine Coupon with which you can get a great discount too! Here are some reasons why you should prefer WP Engine.

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