Jan 10

Top 5 Latest SEO Tips

new SEO tipsTill date, I have shared a lot of SEO tips with you. You may say what new I am going to tell you. But believe me, the field of SEO is ever changing and dynamic; so, you need not be surprised when I come with something new. Even today I have brought these new SEO tips which you must go through. All of them are actionable and so, you can adopt whichever you find suitable and help get higher rankings.

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Jan 09

When Savevid Fails – 3 Alternatives Which Can Save You

airySavevid is a life savior tool if you want to save some of the videos from popular video and social platforms, such as Facebook, Vimeo, eHow, MySpace, Dailymotion, Metacafe and others. This tool saves video downloads in the following formats: AVI, FLV, MOV, MPG, WMV. One of the main reasons this service is so vastly used is due to the fact that it’s free and user-friendly. The one thing that you need to do in order to get a video from the aforementioned websites is just to copy and then paste the video link to the download bar, and simply click “Download” button. Before the download starts, you get to choose the type and quality of the downloaded video.

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Jan 07


Splunk the ultimate solution to cyber threatsOnline deception and frauds have been increasing in number day by day. Banks, IT organizations, and almost every other industry is being affected by this sudden increase in data frauds and security threats. But what is the reason behind this increase?

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Jan 03

Sync Easily between Mac and Huawei with SyncMate

syncing between mac and huawei with SyncMateIf you want to keep your data on Mac synced with Huawei phones or tablets, you now have an excellent software tool named SyncMate! SyncMate works regardless of which Huawei phone model you have. If your phone has Android 4.x to 6.x, SyncMate will sync your Mac with it just in a few clicks.

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Dec 26

Selenium Suite – Basic Information

selenium-suitWhile developing new software or a web portal, any organization has to run some tests on their final product. Since automated testing is more affordable than manual testing, the software industry has started to use open source test automation tools. Selenium is a free automated testing suite for web apps across various platforms and browsers. In fact, it’s one of the best options for automated testing of websites nowadays.  Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 23

4 Reasons to Use Instagram for Business

instagramWhy people nowadays, especially “millennials”, love Instagram so much? One of the most obvious reasons is that they don’t want text, but visuals. A nice picture illustrating the philosophy of your brand means more to them than an old-school ad. But, why is it important to get Instagram followers? Instagram sends a visual message and you should find the best way to use this social media networking website to promote your business. Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 21

4 Handy Web Design Tips and Tricks

Christmas wishes design by PixTellerThere are always ways to improve your website when it comes to web design. In order to achieve a whole new quality level and leave a strong impression on your visitors, follow these few easy tips.

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Dec 05

4 Signs to Identify that Your Computer has a Virus

computer virus goldenThere are some times in our lives when we encounter malware. No matter how careful we are, creators of malware get a chance some or the other time to enter our computer and their creations start showing their malicious properties, like a simple task taking too long to finish or your big report having a lot of messed up characters. However, when you see such symptoms, it’s not always necessary that your computer is infected. Then, how to identify that it is? Here are some signs.

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Dec 04

Get a Digital Mailbox to Control Your Own Life

iPostal1 virtual mailboxCloud storage has made things much easier than before. It allows storage of digital data and accessing it anytime, anywhere and by anyone. This is great for small to medium organizations. But now it has also been proved useful for individuals through something called a digital mailbox.

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Nov 30

SEO Tips that Have the Least Chance to Change

seo tips by Hawaii SEO expert Shane PerryIt’s good and equally bad that SEO field is dynamic. It’s good because there is always a scope for ‘work’ for SEO experts and bad because the moment you lose your alertness about the changes, your website faces a risk of going down in rankings or in the worst case, even being banned. It’s good also that some things are never changing in SEO, e.g. excellent content. Let’s see some other tips that have the least chance to change.

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