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Jun 25

Easy Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing

According to many Internet marketing experts, social media marketing can lead to more repeat business, more loyal customers, more brand recognition… To cut the story short, if managed properly, social media marketing can help your business achieve set goals! Nevertheless, the success is not automatic nor instant, it requires a great deal of time, effort …

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Apr 22

Internet Marketing – SEO vs PPC

One of the most common questions entrepreneur asks themselves regarding driving visitors to their website is whether to use a pay-per-click advertising or search engine optimization. Although there are other ways of traffic sources, the two mentioned above are arguably the most successful. However, both PPC and SEO have advantages and disadvantages that should be …

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Dec 02

SEO in 2014 – Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Some marketing experts speculate that SEO industry is on the decline. Every time Search engines revamp their algorithms, the foundation of SEO is shaken, it’s true. However, for those not indulged in unethical SEO practices, there is no need to worry about these assumptions. Keep it natural and ethical and your SEO campaign will succeed. …

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Dec 02

Mobile Internet and Social Media – Two Hot SEO Trends in 2013

Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, therefore you need to keep Search Engine Optimization practices updated. What has been proven by Google Panda and Penguin? Some SEO techniques become very quickly outdated, so many useful tools last year became completely ineffective now. For that reason, every SEO company needs to change techniques and adjust properly …

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Nov 26

EpicWrite’s New Project System

Whether you are a private individual or a business person requiring premium writing services on a regular basis, you may want to consider EpicWrite. They’re way cheaper than others!

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Nov 22

About Forum Hosting

Proliferation of the world wide web led to many kinds of hosting services, among them is forum hosting, too. One of the common misconceptions is that web hosting is the same thing as forum hosting. This is not true, in the first place, because these two hosting services are completely different in the performing functions. …

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Nov 19

Paid Blogging – Starting a New Blog

If you are good at writing and you enjoy it, you might consider becoming a paid blogger. Usually, it allows you to make your own working hours, work from home and, the most important, get paid for doing what you like. Of course, there are full-time paid bloggers employed in small and large companies world …

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Oct 31

Four Web Design Trends for 2014

Do you know that world wide web turned 20 this year? It’s not a teenager anymore, so a little more sophisticated look is required. Since 2013 is almost gone, let’s take a look at predictions for the future development of the web design. What are the hottest trends we will see in 2014?

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Oct 28

Prezi – Presentation Software with Zooming Interface

  Have you heard about Prezi became popular for its idea to transform a presentation from a monologue into a conversation. This enabled audience to see, understand and remember presented ideas easier. Even though one picture can tell a thousand words, it usually cannot tell the whole story. Prezi helps us construct our story …

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Aug 21

Good Pay Per Click Management

Anyone with a website and the funds to support a campaign can set up Pay per click advertising for their website. However, to make an effective campaign can be difficult. It takes a lot of experience and research and the constant updating of keywords to have a PPC campaign that actually converts into increased sales.

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