Category: Internet Marketing

Jan 23

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a PPC Expert

The internet has offered us many advantages in life, but the most prominent is the opportunity for anyone wishing to become a business owner to start a website and become an entrepreneur with significantly less capital, unlike land-based businesses. If such a person has business skills and is willing to work hard, s/he can soon …

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Dec 23

4 Reasons to Use Instagram for Business

Why people nowadays, especially “millennials”, love Instagram so much? One of the most obvious reasons is that they don’t want text, but visuals. A nice picture illustrating the philosophy of your brand means more to them than an old-school ad. But, why is it important to get Instagram followers? Instagram sends a visual message and …

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Nov 25

Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

The Christmas is near so it’s about time we started thinking about how online marketing industry is going to change next year. Although 2016 was incredible, we know that the marketing trends are always changing and modifying. To help you prepare accordingly, we’ve asked a professional digital marketing consultant to tell us more about the …

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Nov 17

Top 3 Tips to Create a Fantastic Online Free Logo

Gone are the days when businesses had to hire an expert for designing their logos and pay her/him a hefty sum for the job. Now logo design is available for free! Don’t believe it? You will believe it after visiting this site:!

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Nov 06

Programmatic Advertising – Things to Know

Programmatic advertising is a term you have probably heard before but you might still be uncertain whether you know its actual meaning. Obviously, it’s something important, because so many entrepreneurs and marketing experts talk about it, but what is programmatic advertising? Simply put, it’s a method of targeting what type of audience you would like to …

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Nov 04

Use Digital Marketing To Attract Chinese Travelers

Every year, a hundred million Chinese travelers go abroad to every corner of the world. Traveling agencies and destinations are doing their best to attract these tourists and to keep them coming. China is a booming economy and the middle class citizens of this huge country are able to travel more than ever before. Is …

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Nov 04

Most Brands in China are Going Digital – Join the Trend

China has been a swiftly growing consumer market and it doesn’t come as a surprise to realize that an increasing number of companies from around the globe are looking for a way to market, brand and communicate with Chinese consumers. Since most brands in China are going digital these days, if you’re marketing to China, …

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Nov 01

Common Mistakes Digital Marketing Agencies Make

You feel you’ve done the presentation perfectly and you’ve answered all the questions thoughtfully. Yet, somehow, you aren’t getting the desired contract. Where did you go wrong? Of course, only your prospective clients know why they didn’t hire you, but is there a way to find out what your mistakes are? We’ve asked experts from …

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Oct 31

Reasons to Have Animated Explainer Video on Your Website

If you want your website to be nicely ranked by Google and other search engines, you need to attract visitors to your site and, in addition, you need to inspire them to stay there. Time online visitors stay on websites is very important in Google’s algorithm for rankings, therefore online videos have seen explosive growth …

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Oct 17

New Excellent Features on Instagram that will Help Your Business Grow

With more than 400 million users, Instagram is one of the most popular social networking media. While this photo sharing platform has a lot of potential, businesses are not often seen to exploit it as a marketing tool. Posting a picture is not a challenge, but it’s in trying to get 1000 likes for Instagram …

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