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Sep 04

Pros and Cons of Screensavers

These days screensavers don’t offer the same protection as they used to in the past, when they indeed saved your screen from something known as “image burn-in”. On particular kinds of computer screens, an extended, non-moving image would actually be burned into the screen if it was left on and no screensaver was used to …

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Aug 17

5 Excellent Tools to Make the Most of PDF Files

PDF is widely used. No matter, whether we use it for personal matters or for work, it offers us an easily accessible and trustworthy format which is globally popular because of the convenience people find in it to share documents. Smooth working over multiple platforms is another great feature of PDF because of which users …

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Aug 04

Richcopy – The Only Solution to Copy a Huge Number of Files Across a Network

An advanced copy files utility program, named RichCopy, has been proven to be a boon to many businesses and organizations. One can realize the real benefits of this program especially if they need to use it frequently. This program offers unlimited transfer of files with the help of superior copying techniques the benefits of which …

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Jun 16

Reasons to Use WordPress to Power Your Site

Have you ever wondered why WordPress has become so popular? Should you switch to this platform and look for WordPress hosting for your business website? This software’s been around for 14 years now and it’s arguably the most used blogging tool on the market. Nevertheless, WordPress is a popular choice for non-blogging sites too. Here …

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Jun 04

Folx PRO – A Great Tool for Controlling Download Speed

Controlling Download Speed   While downloading multiple files at a time, you might have noticed that some files with more bandwidth download quicker than others. You may want that certain important files download faster than other less important files, but you cannot control the speed of downloading files with a standard download manager. Fortunately, you …

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Apr 30

Fantastic Tool to Browse Data on Android from Mac

Since there is no native choice available for mounting Android devices on Mac to browse Android content in Finder, you will have to find a third-party app to accomplish this task. Consider SyncMate!

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Apr 30

Syncing Calendar Events between Mac and Android Made Super Easy

Although an Apple computer and an Android phone or tablet don’t make a perfect match, you can sync your events quite easily between the two! How? It’s with the outstanding abilities of SyncMate! And can you believe that it’s free? So, you can be organized and can never miss an event with the help of …

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Apr 19

Create and Share Torrents with Folx Torrent Program for Mac

Folx Torrent Program for Mac – How to Create and Share Torrents Torrent File Creation on Mac If you use the Internet on a daily basis, you are more than familiar with the term torrent, as you run into options “download via torrent” for sure. You will find an explanation of what torrent exactly is, …

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Mar 24

Blockchain – A Revolutionary Technology Proving Superior to Bitcoin

In 2009 an anonymous person shook up the fiscal world by forming a tech-based unregulated currency. That very currency was further developed with another ground-breaking technology which has now been in the limelight for its usage apart from trading unregulated online money and has been a hot topic among business and financial executives lately. It’s …

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Mar 07

10 Awesome Video Players for Mac for Free

As we can imagine, the best Mac media player is the one which should be capable of playing any videos or movies with clear images and it should also be easy to operate. Internet has plenty of options for you, some of which are free, while some are not, and it’s also tough to choose …

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