Category: Software Tools

Jun 18

Animation – the Most Effective Medium of Communication

Gone are the days when animation was seen only in cartoon films. Today animation is used for various purposes, in education, business, advertisements and many other fields of life. Animators continuously explore ways to make use of this fabulous medium to provide us a new window every now and then. Animation can be used to …

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Jun 03

Is Using Proxy Server Legal?

Earlier this year Netflix announced that it would clear out the usage of proxy servers to access US Netflix content while being outside US. This has given rise to a question whether use of a proxy service is legal. Though it has been declared to be illegal or copyright infringement or violating terms, it has …

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May 22

Add HTML Links Automatically to Text and Save Your Valuable Time

Do you insert several links every day in whatever you write? Well, remembering the sequence of symbols to create a link is tedious and even if we save a standard example somewhere in our computer and copy-paste it to the text and change according to the link and text we want, that too takes time. …

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Mar 31

Screen Recording Usage Through Software

MAC has an altogether different OS and when compared with other systems, it’s a little confusing regarding recording of screen. Good software makes your task simple and convenient. You need not wait for a professional’s help. Movavi Screen Capture Studio recording software has its own countless advantages. An extensive range of usage serves as screen …

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Jan 29

Revolutionary Desktop Software Will Help Save People Hundreds of Dollars

PRESS RELEASE January 28, 2015 – Not many individuals can afford the luxury of owning a smartphone and PC or laptop. Nevertheless, there may no longer be any need to own both devices, if Pavel Kostal achieves his US $10,000 target on Indiegogo needed to develop revolutionary software that turns the smartphone into a desktop.

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Nov 30

File Conversion Made Quick, Easy and Free!

If you are a businessperson or a student or an executive, the need to send and receive hundreds of files to and from a number of people is a part of your routine. In such a case, what if a particular file doesn’t open on your computer or your recipient is not able to open …

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Jul 04

Tremendous Benefits of Hosted Exchange

Hosted exchange is an extremely beneficial email solution for small and large businesses. By choosing hosted exchange, you can take a sigh of relief, because you make your email system secure and functional always. What are the benefits of hosted exchange? Let’s see.

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Jun 30

Great Benefits of Magento Extensions

Magento extensions play a major role in the establishment and successful working of a Magento store because they do exactly as their name suggests, i.e. they extend Magento in a variety of ways allowing you to set professional and customized stores which are suitable to your particular individual eCommerce needs and also that of your …

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Mar 23

Tweetadder- The Perfect Twitter Marketing Software Tool

As a website owner, do you get some good results from Twitter? Before two years, when I began, I didn’t…. And actually, getting Twitter followers and converting them into readers, visitors and subscribers is not that easy! To improve your Twitter presence and make the platform into a good source of referral traffic, right tools …

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Sep 22

File Hosting Vs Cloud Computing

In the era of digital file sharing as a norm in businesses along with individuals, one can easily get swept away with words like “file hosting” and “cloud computing”. These catchphrases often make people quite excited about things they really are not fully aware of. Many people believe that cloud services and file hosting are …

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