Category: Web Design

Feb 08

How to Create a Website in Easy 10 Steps

Creating a website is common today, whether you have a personal blog you want to share or if you are promoting a business or brand you own. There are a few steps required to create your website that will allow you to get started as quickly as possible.

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Oct 31

Four Web Design Trends for 2014

Do you know that world wide web turned 20 this year? It’s not a teenager anymore, so a little more sophisticated look is required. Since 2013 is almost gone, let’s take a look at predictions for the future development of the web design. What are the hottest trends we will see in 2014?

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Jul 31

Avoid PDFs and Excessive Multimedia Content

You don’t have to be web design expert to know that developing a successful website is not a simple task. There are many considerations you should consider and apply in order to do this job properly. However, we will now focus on things you should avoid in web design.

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Apr 16

The Four Most Common Web Design Mistakes Made by Small Businesses

Because a website can be such a substantial investment, it’s tricky trying to get the balance right between feeling like you’ve got your money’s worth and the website still doing the job it was designed to do: that is, increasing your business.   That’s why it’s pretty easy to make one of these common web design …

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Mar 26

Email Design Tips

Social medias are used as a powerful online marketing tool nowadays and it might look like emails lost their marketing battle. However, emails are still one of the most important marketing technique and an increasing number of marketers use them. However, not every email will do its marketing job and email designers are aware of …

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Mar 18

Graphic Design Job – What You Need to Become a Successful Professional?

If you are good when working with words, media and images, you might be interested in graphic design jobs. Even though people might get the impression that it is an easy “at home” job, it is, in fact, a complex profession requiring wide range of skills, intelligence, talent and knowledge. Graphic designers are able to …

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Jan 31

Responsive Web Design – Hottest Trend of 2013

2013 is going to be a year of the latest in the web designing trends, responsive web design or RWD. Everyone is talking about responsive web design and every company from Harvard to AOL is adopting it and no matter, you love it or not, you have to come across it in the coming years. …

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Jan 12

Medical Websites – What to Avoid

Nowadays, people are look for all the information on the internet. Forums, blogs, various pages are very popular and those are the places people usually visit for at least preliminary info. Medical websites are not an exception. Therefore, all those interested in or running their own medical or healthcare related business, should be aware of …

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Dec 23

Charitable Websites – Useful Tips

Charities usually rely on a voluntary funding and therefore there are more important things ahead of a budget for the website. However, you should get the most out of your site, even if your budget is tight. There are several things you should mention and some information about certain charity, but the main objective of …

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Nov 05

Must Avoid Web Design Mistakes

You may come across some websites on internet that may not be attractive. Though quality web design is not a difficult thing to accomplish, some owners fail to do it. It is essential to come up with a website that is user friendly so that visitors come back to the site. A website that is …

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