Category: Web Design

Sep 25

Follow These Tips and Increase the Quality of Your Web Design

Many people think that most websites similar, which is not true. Compare Google with Yahoo, Bing or Facebook. The elements of all these websites show the significance of a good web design. The concepts in these websites should be used as a source to increase your awareness of the chances you can combine into making …

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Sep 07

Magento Layered Navigation

"magento layered navigation"

Internet users and especially internet shoppers do not like to meander around the virtual store and wait for hours to spot something they like. Online shopping is all about giving the visitors to the website exactly what they are looking for so they get to the completion of their shopping experience really quickly. Interestingly, a …

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Aug 30

Web Designing for Musicians and Bands

Web designing is a form of art itself, but designing web sites for musicians has to be really artistic and creative. Most of web designers offer service that it is not exactly what bands need. Web designer has to promote band’s creative output and not to think about his/her own preferences and style. So, band …

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Aug 23

Outsourcing Website Building and Maintenance – Pros and Cons

Companies always have doubts whether it is worth the money to work with a professional web design and development agency. Sometimes, they prefer to continue doing web design work by themselves. Before deciding whether to be partners with web design agency, it is always recommended to examine possible pros and cons of this business decision. …

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Aug 15

Importance of Quality Web Design

Whenever I Google to search for something, I come across at least some sites, which are utterly shabby and I keep on thinking how could people present their business in such a shabby way! Studies say that people make their opinion about a business by looking at the website of the organization in 1/20th of …

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Aug 14

Making Money Online With A Website

If you want to earn money online, with a website, you need to know some things. You should build a website which can be useful for people. For creating a website, you will need a website builder, who will create a good website for you. There are lots of website builders on the web, who …

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Jul 12

InfoGraphics – Because a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Infographics are probably one of the best ways of communication that came down the design and marketing pipeline recently. The irony is, human civilization began communicating through drawings on the walls of the caves and still pictures are the best method we can use to understand numbers, proportions and society. Info graphics are, to cut …

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May 15

Now You Can Make a Website Without the Knowledge of Coding with Breezi

We all know that Microsoft is not making FrontPage anymore, but that doesn’t mean people no longer require a visual method to make websites. Opposite to this, Breezi comes in the ranks of visual website making tools apart from Jimbo, Weebly, Wix and various other tools. Breezi may not be very different than others, but it definitely …

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May 05

Growing Demand for Ecommerce Web Design

Internet has spread its limbs in nearly every field of life and is making it global. No wonder, in business too, it has acquired an important position, converting the businesses into ecommerce. While offline businesses are struggling to keep on a remarkable profit margin, ecommerce web designing industry is growing at a rapid rate since …

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Apr 24

Adobe’s New Creative Suite 6 and Creative Cloud

Adobe has now come up with its sophisticated Creative Suite 6 together with new versions of Photoshop and its novel cloud-based subscription scheme. On 23rd April 2012 Adobe launched not only all its 14 updated applications but also the new and much-talked about Creative Cloud payment plan. The monthly subscription is of $75 based on …

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