Dec 26

Five Plus – Review

Small business companies generate over a half of U.S. GDP, and employ more than two-thirds of U.S. citizens. Having all these facts in mind, it is clear that small business companies are the backbone of the economy and that it is very important to make them stronger. Larger companies usually have useful tools helping them to succeed, and Five Plus is built hoping to improve small business companies. Five Plus gives two important things: it helps in establishing better connection with the surrounding world and it helps in tracking the financial performance of the company.

QuickBooks is a great tool when handling numerous accounting task for company, but Five Plus offers the great tool to assist the company in dealing with its clients. Therefore, Five Plus helps in succeeding greater earning potential and productivity. FivePlusConnex helps small business companies to find new customers and clients, by promoting their business. FivePlusConnex is imagined as an useful platform connecting small business companies with similar companies throughout the U.S. FivePlusTrax helps small business companies by delivering in real time the needed mission critical financial information. By monitoring company’s financial continuously, FivePlusTrax alerts and give the information useful for improving business. Analyzing financial records manually takes time and usually gives late alerts. FivePlusTrax tracks KPI (Key Performance Indicators) that are crucial to the business, but often hard to be found right on time when needed.

One more good thing about Five Plus is that there are no contracts and terms. It is available to be tried out, used and if it works for the company, company should keep it. If it shows not to be very useful, cancellation is quite easy.