Nov 25

Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

2017-online-trendsThe Christmas is near so it’s about time we started thinking about how online marketing industry is going to change next year. Although 2016 was incredible, we know that the marketing trends are always changing and modifying. To help you prepare accordingly, we’ve asked a professional digital marketing consultant to tell us more about the online marketing trends that are probably going to dominate in 2017. Nevertheless, you don’t need to use each, but it’s good to be aware of their existence, especially if you’d like to remain competitive in dynamic online marketing industry.

1 – Live Streaming Videos – Due to the increasing number of mobile devices and ever-growing internet speed, live videos have become a must, at least when you talk to devoted social media users. Platforms and apps offer “live streaming” functions and, although this feature has been there with us for some time now, the chances are, it will dominate, at least in digital marketing field.

2 – Augmented Reality – Thanks to Pokemon Go, we know that users all around the globe are ready and willing to experience augmented reality (AR). Although the enthusiasm for this game has generally disappeared, it’s to be expected that some brands will also come out with AR ads, apps and games. Online marketers should realize that there’s an earning potential in AR that shouldn’t be underrated.

3 – Native Advertising – Even though it’s one of the oldest trends on the list of digital marketing strategies, native advertising seems to be with us for some more time. This trend has been used by marketers as a simple way to get visibility with natural look. Since consumers appear to be ignorant when it comes to most conventional advertising forms, native advertising has proven to be very effective, yet spontaneous way to get the wanted attention. However, think beyond the box and try to create improved, new forms of native advertising that will help your own digital marketing campaign.

These trends are projected according to the current information digital marketers have. Don’t just follow them, but decide whether you should include these trends in your next marketing campaign or you should compensate for them when/if they become viral.