Mar 23

How to Get More Facebook Likes?

getting-more-facebook-likesFacebook is no doubt the monarch of social media and just like a virtual New York, if you get success there, you can get success anywhere! The number of likes is amongst prime measures of success on Facebook. But they can be unpredictable, and so, earning them needs a bit of strategizing. If you are trying to promote your business through Facebook, one surefire way is to buy Facebook likes, along with many other methods. And if you are trying to get more likes for your personal status, then too these methods work well. Let’s see some of them.

Regular Posts but No Bombardment

If you make regular posts, it increases your visibility and lessens the possibility of your posts to be skimmed over or overlooked. If you can gain a reputation for funny, interesting posts, videos and photos, there are more chances that people will stop by and take a look when your name shows on their feed. The more visitors to your posts, the more number of likes you may get.

However bombardment of posts is also not advisable, because that will block people’s feeds and they may be tired of your posts and it may make them prefer hiding from you or probably unfriend you, which you don’t want at all!

As per an analysis by KisMetrics, 1 to 2 posts daily is good, because it increases users’ interest by 40%.

Photos and Videos

Keep yourself in place of people. What do you like, something to read, or something to watch? Obviously the later! People are more interested in photos and videos than reading a lengthy paragraph, because it takes no time to understand, and the response comes fast. But you may include some words introducing what the video is about, so as to awaken people’s interest.

Keep Updates Short and Sweet

If your update status is lengthy, people are more inclined to skip it. So make it short and sweet, so that they can read it within no time and like it if it is really interesting. If it is long, no matter how much interesting it is, they are more likely to avoid the trouble of reading it in the first place.

Start Interacting

If you ask questions to friends or in general, it is more likely that people will start interacting with you, so that you will get new visitors. You can even ask for some help and share knowledge you have; people will surely thank you if it is really useful to them.

Like Others’ Posts

Liking others’ posts is also a great way to strengthen friendship and attract people towards you. It is possible that some people like your posts but are not “liking” them because they are afraid of looking weird or tacky. In such a case, if you extend your friendship, you will get the same in reverse.

Find Perfect Timing for Posting

It also helps to keep an eye on who is online and when, and making a habit of posting at that time. This increases your chances of getting likes.

Buy Facebook Likes

Purchasing Facebook like is a time-tested method of improving the number of visitors to your page. It also enhances the search engine ranking of your page. Buying likes just at the starting of your page is recommended because it draws real likes. People are inclined to like what they see others liking.

Thus through consistent efforts, you can make your Facebook presence effective and get more and more likes.