May 09

Online Reputation Services – Things We Should Know

reputationOnce people start looking for a job, they usually wish they could scrub some embarrassing pics from social networking websites such as Facebook. Others have problems with negative reviews about their products, services or any other kind of business. Most people live out their lives online increasingly and, even if we post and share things carefully, it’s very difficult to control how we appear on the net. I’ve asked Jonathan Mimouni, a SEO specialist from Israel, to tell us more about Online Reputation Services and here’s what I’ve found out!

In general, ORS (Online Reputation Services) experts provide online makeovers, typically by promoting content that would accentuate a desired image and/or by burying negative feedback and other search results. Clients looking for these services range from successful multi-national companies to ordinary people, but they have one thing in common – they want maximum control possible over what internet users view about them online.

Internet is useful and fun, but the rise of social networking and online activity have given birth to a lot of not so good things, too. So, if somebody says something true but negative, or completely false about you, it might ruin your future. On the other hand, well-maintained digital reputation may create significant opportunities. If you take those things for granted, prospective employers and potential clients won’t see your best foot forward.

Is it really necessary to hire an ORS expert? Could we manage our online reputation on our own? Unless you’re really into learning all the ORS tricks and skills, it’s better to leave it to a professional who has spent months working on products designed to enhance or fix your digital profile and reputation. Still, you should do your best not to publish or post anything that could be used against you. Nevertheless, even then, if you don’t do anything about your online reputation, the Internet might be useful for you, but it won’t be working for you, though.