Jul 28

Should You Buy Twitter Followers?

buy Twitter followersHave you considered buying social media followers? Even though it might not be the most acceptable activity, several business studies show that millions of businesses (and even some celebrities) keep buying Twitter followers in order to continuously increase their popularity and social credibility, to give their career or fresh business a kick start, not to mention people who do this as a way to boost their ego.

It takes several seconds to find online offers to buy thousands of Twitter Followers, quality “likes” on Facebook etc. The price for these services is usually low. The followers usually arrive in several days and they are to stay around for the whole year. It’s tempting way to boost your account, to help your business and to gain more popularity. But why doesn’t everyone click “buy”? Actually, you can get a lot, but you also risk a lot. People are usually afraid if their real followers find out about this deal. They might reconsider the credibility of the business and even unfollow it. So, be careful with this action.

There are “inactive” and “active” Twitter followers. The inactive ones are offered by most services you can find online. This service requires only username of the one to be followed. The method involves being followed by company-managed, inactive accounts. These followers, since they are inactive, don’t add real value to your account, but they look quite real. What you can gain is reputation and credibility, but you don’t need to follow users back or to put your account at risk.

Active followers method is also popular, but you need to follow your followers first. Also, this service requires your account password. Be careful with this method since your account might become suspended. In addition, following everyone back is not quite professional.

So, if you consider buying Twitter followers (YouTube viewers and Facebook fans), consider all the pros and cons in order to make the best decision for your business success.