Aug 19

Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies that You should Apply in China

digital marketing strategies for ChinaChina is fast progressing on the digital fronts. Digital marketing strategies applied for Chinese markets should be carefully planned and chosen because trends here are constantly changing and dynamic. If you are aspiring to succeed in the Chinese markets from inside China or from overseas, you should learn these top 5 digital marketing strategies in China shared with us by the digital marketing experts at


Mobile marketing is in full bloom in China as it is in other countries. If you have a powerful communication tool like WECHAT you can get a great success in your digital marketing campaign. Wechat is not only popular in China, but is on its way towards becoming a global app.

However, as you may wrongly imagine, Wechat is not based on influence or exposure, but is more of a one-to-one personalized communication. However, you can very well exploit the qualities of a social e-commerce platform like Wechat because of booming usage of mobile in shopping.

2. Chinese M-commerce and Xiaopu

M-commerce or mobile commerce is definitely today’s popular mantra in China. Users are spending plenty of time on their mobile devices. Obviously they are more comfortable to receive ads on their mobiles. In this context, another tool along with Wechat is Xiaopu which offers an extensive range of features with a storefront access with the help of a QR code which enables vendors to dispatch goods easily with the easy interface of Xiaopu.

3. Communication through Multiple Media

If you want a great success in your digital marketing campaign in the Chinese markets, you need to understand that you should use multiple media for that, like TV, smartphone, iPad, computer and more. People generally watch a TV show first and then share it on their social media accounts. Especially a TV show named “The Voice of China” is very popular and you can take advantage of that by advertising your products through such shows and then getting benefited through social media publicity.

4. Mobile Advertising

Can you imagine what a growth mobile advertising has achieved in China in 4 years? It was 1.26 billion yuans in 2012 and in 2016 it is about to reach 10.54 billion yuan! Here creativity plays an important role. If you can’t apply creativity in creating attractive ads that can entice mobile users, you may not get a great success in the digital marketing field.

5. Take Help of Professionals

Of course, the best way is to take help of professionals like Gentlemen Marketing Agency ( who know the Chinese market through and through and can run your digital marketing campaigns with full competence. The very objective of the agency is to help those companies who wish to expand their business and get success in China. They take pride to ideate, design and deliver exclusive and exquisite digital products and services that can improve lives of people. If you want to run digital marketing campaigns for the Chinese market for the first time, you should take help of such an agency because they know the market here very well, whereas you have to start from the scratch and will eventually take much of your valuable time in establishing marketing strategies and implementing them. They do competitor analysis, SEO, content writing, keyword survey, press releases, establishing your eReputation in the Chinese market and everything else needed to make your company succeed in China.

Happy digital marketing in the beautiful country of China!