May 10

Use Digital Marketing to Boost SME Development

digital marketingSmall to medium enterprises, abbreviated SMEs have a great potential, both for owners and country’s economic power. Germany is the best example, although many other countries have also seen SMEs sustain their economic growth throughout all the financial crisis and the global recession. Clearly, small to medium enterprises are important. But, what can we to boost their start up and growth? How can digital marketing help us here?

First of all, networking with industry leaders/partners and clients/customers is something any business, from the smallest to corporate, relies on heavily. Connecting and engaging with those outside the business means gaining fresh perspectives and valuable insights. Social media networks, such as Facebook, should be part of your Internet and video marketing campaign.

Efficient communications with those outside the business are crucial for the success, but many new companies fail there, even though it’s easier now to communicate than ever (e-mail, Whatsapp, Viber, just to mention some ways!). In order to achieve any business goal, you must do your research and marketing. In the digital arena, the marketing cycle changes quickly, so you need to measure the whims of your potential clients on a regular basis. Once you establish the way to do this, you would be able to send out targeted marketing material via Mobile advertising, plus you could monitor the success of any marketing campaign.

If you want to be visible on world wide web, you need to invest in internet marketing campaign. By this, I suggest Search engine Optimization (SEO) and Online Reputation Management combined. This is the best way to make it easier for potential clients to find you and choose you among the others offering similar products/services. In an e-world we are living in, you should explore the E-commerce capabilities, too. Your website should be easy to navigate, but never forget that the design is important as well.

Finally, digital marketing does enable businesses to reach a vast audience, but it could also be regarded as spamming the audience. Don’t fall in that trap and, also, don’t send out impersonal, standardized messages. People don’t like feeling and looking like just another number on a list (although they know they are), but with giving your marketing and advertising messages more personal touch, you can make a significant difference.