Apr 19

Whatsapp Marketing – A New Opening for Aspiring Marketers

whatsapp marketingWhatsapp has become virally popular amongst mobile buffs that enjoy sharing things continuously and remain in contact with their distant and near friends always. Launched in 2009, this mobile messaging app has more than 700 million users today of which 70% use the app daily. It has become so popular because it’s a fantastic substitute for SMS. No wonder, clever businesspersons would think of using it as a marketing tool, which can gain more success than social media marketing. Whether it’s whatsapp marketing in India or anywhere else in the world, it has become one of the most efficient marketing tools.

Whatsapp Broadcasting

Whatsapp Broadcasting was launched quite secretly in late 2013. It enables users to send messages at a time to a large group of people, without making them aware of each other. This is beneficial in that it brings an organization in the communication by avoiding what can be nonstop messaging while the group members contact each other.

This has benefit to marketers who can contact nearly 100% of their contacts. If you compare this with Facebook, it is around 6%. Messages are also more likely to be opened and read faster (almost immediately) than on Facebook where they may lie unopened for hours.

Using Whatsapp for Business

Use of Whatsapp for business should be handled carefully, because the app is used overwhelmingly for personal communication. If you want to enter it with your brand, you should go on carefully.

It’s a fact that continuing a social media presence is vital for brand-building. While Facebook has made you to keep in close contact with your potential clients, Whatsapp has taken marketing to an all new level. Posting your Whatsapp details on your Facebook profile is also a common practice amongst marketers. Specialized businesses, like those who offer customized products, are adopting Whatsapp in increasing number.

Another feature of Whatsapp that scores over social media is you don’t have to keep producing attractive content on Whatsapp which you need to do on Facebook to make your profile look good and attract clients.

Voice Calls

Whatsapp has even declared plans for voice call functionality during the second quarter, which will make it competitive to voice messaging services like Skype and also wireless networks.

However, Whatsapp can never be the death knell for other communication means. Replying a lot of queries with Whatsapp might not be the most perfect way for business communication.

In short, Whatsapp can be an efficient marketing tool hand in hand with, and not rivaling to the popular social media. It has its own benefits and limitations. But it has certainly opened a new way of marketing for aspiring marketers.