Jun 16

Reasons to Use WordPress to Power Your Site

Have you ever wondered why WordPress has become so popular? Should you switch to this platform and look for WordPress hosting for your business website? This software’s been around for 14 years now and it’s arguably the most used blogging tool on the market. Nevertheless, WordPress is a popular choice for non-blogging sites too. Here are top reason why people choose this platform! Continue reading

Jun 08

Top Tips to Start Your SEO Campaign Afresh

restarting SEO campaignOn the contrary to what most people think, SEO rules are ever changing. Therefore if you have applied a killing strategy before many years and are under the impression that it’s still working efficiently, you may be making a grave mistake. Google keeps updating its algorithm. Also, consumer trends keep changing with generations and technologies newly introduced. So, if you have launched a certain SEO campaign years back, it makes sense to re-launch one afresh.

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Jun 06

Important Things You Should Know about SEO Audit

SEO auditIf you are running a website for your business, by now you might have become familiar with the term SEO. But have you heard of SEO audit? If you haven’t yet, it’s time to learn about it because sooner or later, your website will need it. What is SEO audit and why is it so important? Let’s see.

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Jun 04

Folx PRO – A Great Tool for Controlling Download Speed

no LimitControlling Download Speed


While downloading multiple files at a time, you might have noticed that some files with more bandwidth download quicker than others. You may want that certain important files download faster than other less important files, but you cannot control the speed of downloading files with a standard download manager. Fortunately, you can have Folx PRO which offers the feature of download speed control along with many other features.

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May 22

Top 3 Benefits of an Efficient Cloud Integration Platform

benefits of a cloud integration platformMore and more applications, systems and processes move everyday to the cloud and for good reasons. The cloud has eliminated the requirement of additional infrastructure while providing quick scalability and highest flexibility.

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May 15

3 Website Design Trends for 2017 (and 2018)

Now that we’re in the middle of 2017, it’s easier to look back at the last 5 months to see what are the popular web design trends of this year. What’s more important, we can guess the trends that will be “in” even in 2018. To analyze these trends better, we’ve asked some of the best experts in website design Huntingdon can offer to share their vision with us. Here’s what we’ve found out! Continue reading

May 11

Tips on Explaining SEO to Clients

seo to clientsIf you’re into SEO or you’ve just began with offering your services, you might be confused when talking to clients who simply don’t know a thing about SEO. Well, you are the one to convince them it’s good for their business to hire you, right? But, how can you do that? What and how to tell your (potential) clients about SEO? I’ve spoken to Singapore SEO specialist and he gave me several useful ideas! Continue reading

May 06

How can You Increase Traffic to Your Website with SEO?

how seo brings trafficSEO or search engine optimization has gained a huge priority among marketers over the last some years. The reasons are obvious – higher search engine positions lead to more traffic, more leads, and higher conversions and sales. But it’s interesting to see how it works and how adding keywords to different elements of your site increases your chances of ranking high in search engines.

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May 03

5 Useful Tips for Protecting Yourself from Malware Attacks

Singapore ransomware solutionsWhether you are a software consultant or a regular person operating the internet just for shopping and watching films, you are always vulnerable to ransomware attacks. You may wonder why anyone would like to hack your computer; however, you can’t say someone may be interested in stealing your private information for any purpose and so, you should take due care. Here are some tips.

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Apr 30

Fantastic Tool to Browse Data on Android from Mac

mount android on Mac with SyncMateSince there is no native choice available for mounting Android devices on Mac to browse Android content in Finder, you will have to find a third-party app to accomplish this task. Consider SyncMate!

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