Jun 08

Choosing Background Music for Presentation

music for presentationA very skillfully prepared presentation seems ineffective if it has no background music. Correct type of background music emphasizes the points in the presentation effectively on the audience’s minds. When a guy named Alex felt the need of music for a presentation and couldn’t find a good one, he decided to found a website where people who needed music can get it from talented composers and thus both parties are benefited. He founded Melody Loops. Through http://www.melodyloops.com/music-for/presentation/ indie artists can sell their music to music-loving people who can make its good use by downloading it smoothly and legally. Thus Alex has created a win-win proposition for the seller and the buyer through Music Loops.

What is the Role of Right Music in a Presentation?

Music adds an extra fine touch to a presentation to make it stand out. If you choose the right music, your presentation looks of higher standard.

Business Music Track

When you choose music for your business presentation, you have to keep in mind that some upbeat acoustic music played on guitar or any energetic classical music works 98% of times. Just avoid thumpy drums, song lyrics and screaming guitars, which are apt for a TV commercial, but not for a business presentation.

Inartistic Use of Sound Effect to Audience

If you have prepared a slide presentation and have used a subtle sound effect while moving from one slide to the next, it is useful for those audience members who are thinking of something else, replying a text message or jotting down notes to understand that the slide has changed.

Purchasing Professional Background Track Vs Using a Popular Song

The laws about this clearly say that unless you use a music piece in the public domain (which luckily involves plenty of nice classical stuff), you require permission of the copyright-holder to make use of that music piece in a people’s gathering outside family and friends. There are lots of production music sites with incredibly reasonable prices and fine service which fulfill this requirement. Melody Loops is amongst the top ones.

Alex’s brother Mike who is a composer created the first superb tracks for Melody Loops. Plus, he asked his friends to do the same and thus a huge variety of music has been created for present and future users of Melody Loops. The site has grown since then to include new musical talent and every day new customers are taking the benefit of the exciting new tracks.

If you are in need of good background music for your presentation, don’t forget to browse through Melody Loops, so that you get your hands on just the right kind of music.