Apr 07

Create Facebook Store and Promote Your Business with Ravox.com

logo_ravoxIf you own a small business and you want to promote it, nowadays it is almost impossible to do it without online marketing. Having a website is a must, having a Facebook page is a must and if you want to sell something, an online store is recommended. Why? Because people nowadays look for partners online, shop online and do everything possible online. It is more convenient than checking all the stores in your neighborhood. But, it would be incredibly good to create a free Facebook store included in your Facebook page and to promote and sell products to their Facebook friends and followers. Is it possible to give your customers an opportunity to buy your products right then and there without having to leave the website and to add more clicks.

If you think it would be great, we have good news for you: yes, it is possible. With Ravox.com you are able to offer your products to hundreds of thousands of members directly through Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networking sites. Ravox company has thousands of net-workers who keep adding new features to your Facebook store and this way your business will be improving on everyday basis. Social software designers at Ravox do their job well and that is the key to their and your success. What is the secret? The theory is that people are more likely to purchase something their friends have suggested than something they have found on their own. At Ravox.com they use this theory as the backbone of functioning. You just have to relax and do your best to provide high quality products, the Ravox networkers will market for you.

If you are interested in promoting your business this way, for more information on this Facebook commerce and the stores on other social networking websites, check out www.ravox.com.