Mar 20

Multiple Services for Your Website Provided in One Place

website design and developmentYour website is the most important representative of your business and should be accessible 24/7 because the internet works 24/7. You can’t certainly afford to lose a potential client just because s/he couldn’t access your site at a given time. You can prevent that from happening with a managed hosting. A good hosting provider assures you not only of your site’s accessibility all the time, but also of physical security. Besides these, a managed hosting also provides benefits like registration and management of domain, email account access, firewall protection as well as 24/7 monitoring, and many more.

You may have a small website for your local business or may have a really big and database driven site; you can have peace of mind only if you have the support of managed hosting. In that context, Vertigo Studio is an excellent source to provide you what you need. They can help you with the best options for your given situation that will best fulfill your needs and suit your budget.

A website is a great means of online presence; but with competitors at every step, you will have to have more than just a website. Therefore an efficient and effective design and development of your website is essential, which can impress and attract your exact targeted audience. Your website should have great optimization, and also it should be easily navigable and user-friendly.

Vertigo Studio provides you website designs that are not only visually appealing, but also highly optimized to improve the visibility of your business on search engines. They carefully study your needs and make sure that your website has all the qualities for an excellent online presence.

Importance of Mobile Accessibility

Today is the time to transact through mobile devices and therefore your website should be mobile friendly too. You cannot rest assured if your web hosting makes your site accessible 24/7 through a desktop computer. It needs some extra qualities for being easily accessible through mobile devices. Vertigo Studio ensures that your website is mobile accessible and can be accessed through any Android, iOS or Windows phone or tablet.

Email Marketing

Some people may think that email marketing is no longer effective, but it’s far from the truth. Email marketing is still a good source of revenue. Every year around 45 out of one hundred of email recipients make a purchase because they get convinced by promotional emails. Yes, social media has been in much form since last some years, but email marketing too is still effective. Emails are not only used for business promotion; they can also be used to deliver accurate information directly to the client. An excellent example of this is newsletters which contain all the information fully explained that clients can understand well. Vertigo Studio also helps you in designing and running an effective email marketing strategy.

Vertigo Studio provides an array of services like web design and development, managed hosting, SEO, domain name control, mobile applications, email marketing, website analysis, support, maintenance and more.

So, if you are in search of a service provider who will fulfill your multiple needs with high quality and safety, Vertigo Studio is an excellent option for you.