Oct 28

Prezi – Presentation Software with Zooming Interface


preziHave you heard about Prezi.com? Prezi became popular for its idea to transform a presentation from a monologue into a conversation. This enabled audience to see, understand and remember presented ideas easier. Even though one picture can tell a thousand words, it usually cannot tell the whole story. Prezi helps us construct our story arc, words and images work together in order to present a lesson or ideas. Sometimes you just have to zoom out if you want to see not only the big picture, but the details, too. This is important in understanding complexity. Prezi offers 3D canvas as a virtual space where a client can pan wider and delve deeper if it’s necessary for broadening the conversation.

So, if I had to present Prezi in one sentence, I would say that it is a cool presentation software with zooming interface, very popular, very promising and very satisfying. Since people remember stories and spaces, Prezi uses spatial metaphor in order to help the audience remember the message and the content more efficiently. So, prezis are places where clients uses spatial metaphor in order to engage the memory of their audience. Unlike with slides, the audience with Prezi is not forced to thinking inside the box. They have the opportunity not to lose the big picture of certain presentation. By creating zooming presentation, you give your audience the ability to see how the ideas are related, to pay attention on details while not losing the big picture.

*Prezibase.com is not affiliated with Prezi.com, but it’s an independent marketplace for ready-made Prezi presentation templates. Everyone interested is free to join in by selling their own or downloading already made templates. It’s quite easy to find Prezi templates at Prezibaze.com and to use it for creating your own powerful presentation.