Oct 08

6 More Top SEO Tips

SEO tips 2Continued from the last article “Top 6 SEO Tips”, here we give 6 more SEO tips for the optimization of your entire site, rather than optimizing only a page.

1. Link to Other Relevant Websites

You can link to other relevant sites through a resource page, a blogroll or a link list on your website. However, better do it carefully, because every outbound link is like a ‘recommendation’ for another site. But if you do it well and users click your links, search engines get a message that you are a reliable source on a specific topic.

2. Let Other Websites Link to Yours

Backlinking is an extremely important component of SEO. The sad part is that you cannot control it always. Apart from creating high quality content, this is the only thing in your hand – to ask (which often works).

It is advisable to give time to convincing someone to link to you other than you would give it to writing excellent content. Start guest posting also on other blogs.

Whatever you prefer, just remember that inbound links are very important in SEO.

3. Keep Updating Your Site

Dynamic content often make a site rank higher than one with static content. Therefore, directories and blogs rank so high in search engines, because they are updated constantly with new content.

4. Keep a Watch on Indexing of Your Site

As such, your site will be automatically found and indexed by many search engines; however, you better not rely upon this fact. You should make sure if search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing are crawling your pages so as to make people find you online. If they are not, you can add them.

5. Avoid Frequent Changes in Domain Name

You may feel like changing your domain name because the existing name is not giving you any visitors. But this can be absolutely harmful to your site. You have to wait patiently until your site starts getting visitors and sales leads. It takes a long time to get the reputation, but once you get it you will have it forever. So, never think of changing your domain name.

6. Let Your Writing Look Human

All the above efforts are useless if the content you create looks like a robot has written it. So, let it look as if a human has written it.

With these steps and some patience, you can get success you desire in your online presence.

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