May 01

8 Quick Yet Important SEO Tips

SEO tipsIf you are underestimating the importance of SEO for your website, you might be making a grave mistake. It’s just logical to think that if you have a very nice website, but it has no visitors, what’s the use? When you appoint a SEO consultant, s/he can change the whole scenario for better. SEO Moves, a SEO Kettering company, has provided some interesting facts about search engines and user behavior. Visit their website to read them and a lot of other information about SEO. Here they share some quick SEO tips for our readers.

1. Include Java Script Menus, and Image Links or Maps

It’s an absolute MUST to include Java script drop down menus, and image links or maps in your pages. Remember to insert text links at some places on the pages so that the spiders will follow them.

2. If Content is King, Link Network is Queen

Content is king. If this is an inevitable fact, link network is queen. Give as much importance to building a network of quality backlinks as you give it to good content.

3. Don’t Give Overly Importance to Page Rank

Don’t be passionate for Page Rank. It’s just a trivial part of the huge picture of the ranking algorithm. A website with low PR can in fact outrank another with a higher PR.

4. Unique Title Tag with Keywords

Don’t forget to include a unique and keyword-oriented title tag on each page of your website. And if your company name must be in it, let it be in the end. Unless you have got a household name, there are fewer chances for your business name to get more searches.

5. Add Fresh Content

Keep adding fresh content regularly. The freshness of content increases your site’s relevancy from search engines’ point of view.

6. Anchor Texts with Your Targeted Keywords

Make sure that links within your site and to your site use your targeted keywords. Avoid generic anchor texts like “click here” etc.

7. Prefer Search Phrases

Prefer search phrases to single keywords, and include your location in the keyword. E.g. SEO Kettering instead of our SEO company so that you are found easily in local searches.

8. Design Your Website with a Consideration to SEO

See to it that your web designer designs your website considering organic SEO. Including the SEO related components once your new dazzling Flash-based website is built won’t be of use. Spiders cannot crawl Flash or graphics, they can crawl only text.

Remember these SEO tips and give due respect to SEO to make your website prominent in the eyes of search engines, to flourish your business further.