May 29

Conversion Rate Optimization – The Latest Development in the New Age SEO

conversion rate optimizationThe field of search engine optimization is evergreen! Here there are no fixed rules and regulations that you can learn once and survive for all your life. This field is dynamic and new developments and inventions go on always, which need you to be alert and up-to-date always. One such recent development is conversion rate optimization or CRO which I am going to talk about today.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

What is a conversion in the first place? Is it only a sale? No, according to the new age! Today’s websites are not only meant for sale of a product or service. Some of them want visitors to sign up for their newsletters, while some others want them to download a free app, while still some others want them to complete a survey, and of course many others want visitors to purchase their products or services. All in all, if the visitor does whatever the site owner wants her/him to do, it is called conversion, though it may not necessarily be a sale.

In this regard, Conversion Rate or CR becomes the most important metric for you. It shows the percentage of the total traffic to your site that completes your particular goal. Obviously the greater your conversion rate, the more successful your site is.

CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization is a process in which your site is optimized to increase the chances of completion of a specific action by your visitors that you want them to.

Thus, conversion rate optimization is:

  • A systematic effort for improving your site’s performance
  • Based on important details like user feedback and analytics
  • Defined by the unique requirements and objectives of your site
  • Making the most of the traffic your website is getting

Why is Conversion Rate Optimization Important?

  • It’s important that you can always do better with conversion. This means that without regard to how well-structured your site is and how big conversion rate you already have, there’s always a scope for improvement. You can improve upon the process of conversion and make it quicker and easier with which your visitors will be pleased and recommend your site to many others.
  • Optimization is a targeted effort, so, it brings you specific customers rather than haphazard traffic. And when right type of customers arrive at your site, chances of conversion increase more than ever.
  • You may not have noticed it but will be surprised to hear that CRO is totally free! This is because you are not spending a dime on bringing traffic; it is already there and you are just trying to optimize it, i.e. convert a higher percentage of it. Thus CRO is much more cost-effective than bringing in new visitors.

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