Sep 02

Link Building – What to Do and What Not to Do

link buildingWhen it is about various SEO techniques, one of the first that is considered is link building. No doubt, link building has a lot of importance. But it should be also considered whether it is being done correctly; or else it can harm instead of benefiting. So, if you are not extra careful, you can get caught and your site may be penalized though not banned. Top SEO expert, Ege Bor from Toronto, shares here useful tips on honest and beneficial link building and its do’s and don’ts.

Don’t Use Shortcuts Only Because Others are Using Them

You may have seen some SEO consultants using some shortcuts and underhanded methods for link building and may think that there is nothing wrong in it. But beware! Though it seems to be making no difference at the moment, the SEO experts using these shortcuts and unscrupulous methods have to pay for them in the long run. And at that time, whatever efforts they took to build their business may be in vain. So, you should remember that cheating of any sort may not survive forever.

What is “Bad” Link Building?

‘Bad’ link building may include any link building done in an unnatural way. Any link acquired through black hat SEO techniques is bad. In the past, you were able to just submit your blog post or webpage to numerous directories using a site submitter program. Even you were able to submit its URL to link farm sites. This is not possible today. If you try these techniques today, Google Penguin will find you and punish you in the form of banning your site.

More “Bad” Link Building Techniques

Adding posts to a blog is fine only as long as the blog is a legitimate one and your post adds a value to it. A lot of fake blogs are on the market where people pay just to get a link from them for their sites. Hence you should avoid low-quality, poorly written content with a lot of spammy external links.

Press releases with low quality content are also a topic of hatred for search engines. Only those press release services are considered to be legitimate by them that typically publish high quality content after checking facts and have certain editorial guidelines, among other requirements. So, you should take care of not just submitting a press release to any press release platform that may accept it. The more stringent guidelines they have, the higher are their chances of being approved by search engines.

Link-baiting and switching is also another bad link building technique. In this, people create a piece of real content and later replace it with an advertisement or other commercially beneficial page. This means that you tricked your audience to link to that page.

Honest Ways of Link Building

Honest ways of link building only are the viable ones. This includes high quality content, following the rules and hoping that people will share it. Do not try to cheat your audience so as to make them share your content or don’t use any manipulation of search engines. You can do this for some days, months or even a year, but not after that. In the long run, not only your website will be ruined, but your entire business will be destroyed too.

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