Nov 30

SEO Tips that Have the Least Chance to Change

seo tips by Hawaii SEO expert Shane PerryIt’s good and equally bad that SEO field is dynamic. It’s good because there is always a scope for ‘work’ for SEO experts and bad because the moment you lose your alertness about the changes, your website faces a risk of going down in rankings or in the worst case, even being banned. It’s good also that some things are never changing in SEO, e.g. excellent content. Let’s see some other tips that have the least chance to change.

Keep a Track

After you decide your SEO objectives clearly, you have to track whether your strategies are working or not, for which you need web analytics software. You can take help of software solutions like Google Search Console, Google Analytics and others. Another tool is CrazyEgg which shows you how visitors come to your site and how they turn away. Have such a tool much before you even have your first visitor to your site or sales page.

Don’t Forget Relevant and Unique Meta Description

For most people, writing meta description is a boring job and so, they do it reluctantly and with no particular intent. Remember that meta description can help you a lot in bringing organic potential clients to your site because it is what people see when they see your site in the search results. If they don’t find it useful, they may not click on your site. Also remember that just like duplicate content, duplicate meta description can put you into trouble. Even though you may not be penalized, you can’t give a desirable experience to your visitors with duplicate meta description. If you use WordPress, you can get rid of duplicate meta descriptions with the help of Yoast Plugins or All-in-One-SEO Pack. After installing this, scroll down in your WordPress editor at the bottom of the page and include a unique meta description and title tag.

Your URLs Should be Readable and Understandable

If your URLs are not readable and understandable to your users, search engines too might be confused. The URL may be long, but internet users should understand it; it should not contain meaningless numbers and other characters, but should have only words (and dashes) that will reveal what the page contains. Remember that Google spiders are programs and not humans, and you should guide them about what your page is about. Only then they may include your site in the searches in the first place and then rank it.

While a long URL with words is definitely more meaningful than the one containing numbers and signs, a shortest URL possible is memorable, search-friendly and easy to type.

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