Apr 17

Slow Loading of Your Website Bad for SEO

seo singaporeSEO has become today’s mantra of success. It matters the most where your website is positioned in the search engine rankings and therefore SEO should be done carefully for which you need to hire the right SEO professional. But there are other factors too which can affect your SEO and one of the most important amongst them is the loading speed of your website.

Search engines know that visitors have no time or patience to wait for a website to load. Therefore, if your website is taking a long time to load, or is not loading at all, visitors tend to go to another site. What is more dangerous is that if they realize that a certain website takes too long to load when they visit it 2-3 times, they stop visiting your site. Therefore you should know how to make your website load quicker and thereby attracting visitors and getting repeat audience. Here are some tips to do that.

Restructure Your Website

Visitors like pictures, infographics and videos a lot. So, it is not incorrect that you want them a lot on your pages. Problem is the more their number, the slower is the speed of loading. It doesn’t mean that you should not put them in your site at all, but at least you can avoid overusing them. Also you can take care of compressing a .gif or .jpeg file or a video on your website so that it won’t be so large that it can’t load or take a long time.

Reduce Redirects

When a link which you click is dead it takes time. Evaluate your site for dead links and other spots where you are redirected. Reroute such links to skip the middleman to reduce time. It may be time-consuming to some extent to comb through your entire site and reset dead links, but it will benefit you in the long run for your SEO.

Browser Caching

Turn your browser caching on. This is similar to memory. When a visitor loads your site once, the images are stored in its memory if the caching is on, which means that the next time they visit your page, it loads more quickly. This is a fantastic shortcut for loyal audience who continues visiting your site. So help them with browser caching, so that they don’t need to wait every time.

Keep a Watch

A SEO audit can be helpful to evaluate what is slowing the site down. It may be your hosting plan or your plug-ins. It is also possible that your host is not the most efficient for your site any longer. Reevaluate your options and check if a change is needed. Whenever new content is published, test it and see if it fulfills your criteria for loading time. Keep supervising your site for issues. The more you are in touch of your site, the more you will be aware of its problems and faster you can eliminate them.

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