Oct 08

Top 6 SEO Tips

SEO tipsYou can optimize your entire website or only one page of it. Here we’ll talk about optimizing the entire site. After selecting a set of perfect SEO keywords, but prior to creating a huge amount of content, you can make some choices. Think on:

  • The topic of your site
  • The purpose of your site
  • Your commitment

Once you decide these things, you can proceed with your SEO work. Here are some basic tips to optimize your entire website for search engines.

1. Your Website should be about Only One Thing

You can include other things, but your main topic should be only one so that search engines can direct users in search of that topic to your site. As this step is so important, you will need to do a bit of keyword research before selecting the main topic of your site.

2. Include Keywords in Important Locations

After choosing the main topic of your site, include it (keyword) to important locations, like site title, domain name, tagline, description, blog categories, page titles, keywords and page content. If you have a WordPress site, your job is even easier because of its plugin like All In One SEO Pack or General Settings.

3. Linking Internal Pages

Most content management systems do this automatically. However, if yours doesn’t, you may have to do it manually. It is of a lot of help to link to your all important pages through homepage and again cross-linking them.

4. Let the Permalink Include Keywords

Note if your site has an ‘ugly’-looking permalink structure that make use of signs or numbers to recognize pages. If it has, stop such a structure because it is bad for SEO and simply doesn’t look good. Instead use a permalink structure that has text in it and be sure that it includes your keywords.

Thus, rather than having URL like: http://www.website.com/?%?%q=14

It can look better with: http://www.website.com/seo-tips/

5. Eliminate Everything that is Slowing Down Your Site

Speed at which your site loads should be great so that your visitors wouldn’t get frustrated and won’t turn to your competitors. So, anything that is slowing down your site should be removed. These include very large images, flash graphics, unnecessary plugins, music players, etc.

6. Give Proper Names with Keywords to Images

Your images should have proper names and not numbers and those names should include your keywords. So, if your filename doesn’t have your keyword and has a name like 1.jpg, you should change its name to seo-tips.jpg and the keyword should be included in alt attributes, image title and description.

In the next article, we’ll see some more SEO tips.

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