Mar 30

Tremendous Importance of Local SEO

importance of local SEOIt has become important today even for small businesses to have an online presence. However, small businesses intend to grow first in their local area and not go worldwide, at least in their initial stages. So, do they still need search engine optimization? Yes, of course! SEO Wellingborough specialists at tell us here the importance of local SEO.

Local Customers Prefer to Find Local Businesses through the Internet

It has been found from surveys that 64% of local customers prefer local businesses and try to find them on the internet through search engines and online directories. Only 28% people move to old paper directories as a source of finding local information. According to the experience of, the 60,000+ residents of Wellingborough don’t want to travel beyond their locality for services that can be found on Google.

Online Searches for Local Businesses are Growing

The number of online searches for local businesses is increasing day by day, almost double the growth of general searches which means that increasing number of people are in search of local businesses and their information through search engines like Google.

Extremely Timely and Targeted Marketing

When you use local search engines and optimise your business locally, the search engines bring your business to locals’ notice just in time, when they are in search of a business like yours. It’s great to connect to your customers just when they need you.

Highest Number of Conversions

When you promote your business locally, you can get highest number of conversions. The conversion rates of local directory marketing are almost 50% higher than the traditional advertising options. This means that you get conversion of 1 out of 2 leads in an actual sale.

Growth in Mobile Internet Usage

Increasing number of local potential customers are using mobile phones and apps to get the best local businesses while walking around. Internet access through both PC and mobile are covered by local SEO, which means that you can never miss a potential client.

Greater Value for Money

Local SEO offers you greater value for your money unlike other advertising means, like local newspapers, pamphlets, etc. because there is a little to no wasted exposure with local SEO. You connect to your potential clients just when they need you and not when they don’t. Because of this, local SEO proves to be cost-effective along with being efficient. offers bespoke and tailored Wellingborough SEO packages that have benefits for various small businesses ranking them for local search terms. Visiting their website gives you an insight about how local SEO is of utmost importance.