Nov 06

A QR Code

Quick Response code (abbreviated QR code) is a kind of two-dimensional code that was designed for the automotive industry at the first place. Nowadays, this system is very popular even outside of the industry because of its fast readability and large storage capacity. The QR code stickers give customers quick access to important company information. This code consists of black modules that are arranged in a square pattern on a white background. Information encoded in this code can be made up of any kind of data.The exact amount of data that can be stored in this quick response code depends on the character set, error correction level and version.

Usually, QR codes are not encrypted, but there are a few implementations. In Japan, immigration use encrypted QR codes when they place visas in passports. Event hough the QR code is defined and published as an ISO standard, the use of it is free of any license. This is because Denso Wave that invented it has patent rights, but does not want to exercise them.

Even though the QR codes were initially used to track parts in automotive industry, nowadays they have a wide range of application. Some of them are in commercial tracking, entertainment, product marketing etc. Also, the QR codes are used in applications for mobile-phones. Mobile-phone users can generate and print their own QR codes by visiting some QR generating sites.