May 22

Add HTML Links Automatically to Text and Save Your Valuable Time

autolinker seo toolDo you insert several links every day in whatever you write? Well, remembering the sequence of symbols to create a link is tedious and even if we save a standard example somewhere in our computer and copy-paste it to the text and change according to the link and text we want, that too takes time. But a new wonderful tool called Autolinker SEO Tool has now been available which adds a HTML hyperlink to your text within no time!

How Does Autolinker Tool Work?

Upon logging into Autolinker you will have to fill in a simple form specifying the text you want for a link, the URL of the link, keyword, class and ID for links, whether it should be a do-follow or no-follow link and target. And you are done! The hyperlinks will be automatically added to the text you have chosen.

Autolinker Tool for WordPress

If you have a WordPress site of your own, you should thank Autolinker because now an Autolinker plug-in is available for WordPress sites too. With the help of this you can easily insert links in the content of your website content.

Benefits of Autolinker

  • You can choose your targeted keywords and just fill it in the format and every time you write that keyword/s, a hyperlink will be added to it.
  • Simplest way to add HTML links, targets, no-follows and other SEO tactics to your desired text every time you write it, making your job easy and comfortable.
  • Saves time
  • Hassle-free
  • You have no chance of forgetting to add link; all your keywords are now with a link
  • No chance of mistake
  • Great tool for SEOs, content creators, web designers, web developers and more

Make use of Autolinker and reduce the time and effort you have to spend, which you can utilize for more important tasks.

autolinker seo tool