Feb 07

Best and Free Software tools to help Writers

It is very true that writers who are talented can live with a paper and pen and go on writing their own masterpieces. But it is not bad to have some good tools to help them with their work. Believe me, there are many great software tools that can used be all writers. Below mentioned are some of the great software tools, it is not only intelligent to use them because they are free, but they also do a good job.

1. Stickies: It is an electronic post-it that comes with many features. You can change the colors of pads and also arrange an alarm to open a note. This software tools is very simple but highly efficient.

2. Open Office: It is an open source application used as a Word Processor. It can be used to make presentations, spreadsheets and databases as well. The besting about it is that it can work well together with Microsoft Word.

3. RoughPad: It is a processing program for word especially made for writers. It provides three modes of writing that provide three particular formats, normal writing, radio or stage play and screenplay.

4. Tree Pad: It is a good software tool that lets writers to arrange their data in a good manner. It helps in controlling researches, addresses, control notes and data by highlighting them in a format of tree structure on a unique window while seeing details on every subject apart from tree outline. It is time saving and effective as well.

5. Page Breeze: It is a free HTML and visual source mode that instantly makes websites. This is compulsory for advertising a work of writer on the internet.

6. yWriter Novel software tool: It helps in breaking the novels into chapters and scenes, and helps in keeping track of writer’s task.

7. Photo Razor: It is a simple tool that helps in resizing photos without having to crop them.