Sep 22

File Hosting Vs Cloud Computing

file hosting vs cloud computingIn the era of digital file sharing as a norm in businesses along with individuals, one can easily get swept away with words like “file hosting” and “cloud computing”. These catchphrases often make people quite excited about things they really are not fully aware of. Many people believe that cloud services and file hosting are interchangeable; but they don’t realize that each of them have their own pluses and minuses. For best file hosting services, visit

Cloud Computing and File Hosting

Understand that file hosting provides a wide range of services for businesses, which include creating an intranet and managing a general internal network. These services are in operation since decades, right from the time when businesses found solution of storage and project management in internet. On the contrary, cloud computing is comparatively newer process claimed by many traditional hosts as their own. Actually cloud computing can do a lot more in form of connecting with all aspects of the software of a company and computing to facilitate file sharing on a larger scale. Thus, file hosting may be restricted to an office complex while cloud computing can go beyond that.

Pluses and Minuses of File Sharing

Pluses: File sharing lets businesses get the alternative of a personalized team of skilled individuals managing a particular network. This is especially beneficial for smaller companies. They can have a platform which works for them instead of paying for unnecessary add-on services. So also, the problems arising in file sharing is easily taken care of by companies because of its industry standard amongst IT personnel.

Minuses: File sharing is restricted in its scope and that is the reason of rise of cloud computing. Companies may believe that they get a wide sharing solution only to know that the hosting website doesn’t work among servers and software. E.g. MS Outlook usually has problems while connecting with Mozilla Firefox thus creating problems for companies using it.

Pluses and Minuses of Cloud Computing

Pluses: Cloud computing works well with all platforms since it is not a locally restricted technology; rather it is a subtle network of shared info. Some of its characters are similar to file sharing; however it goes to the next level by providing literally unlimited space as per the services chosen by companies.

Minuses: Cloud computing carries a slight risk because of its nature of subtleness. Several companies who choose to use a cloud computing service have a risk of their entire network being remotely monitored. Instead of hiring IT professionals many businesses depend fully upon cloud computing service to manage their technological issues, only to discover in the end that they require a real human with actual knowledge to resolve certain issues.    

Despite their many cons, both file sharing and cloud computing offer many benefits to companies, large as well as small, who want to have more work done efficiently. With customizable plans and customer integration, some companies do well to select either of the two remote network services to save money on expensive project management packages. And as technology will go on developing, more and more cloud-based computing is going to unavoidably take the place of traditional means.