Feb 26

Pick the Best Mac Video Downloader

best Mac video downloaderIf you ever wanted to know how to download videos on Mac, but didn’t find a suitable solution, this is the right article for you. The first thing that comes to mind when video download is mentioned is download from popular, video-hosting websites, for example YouTube. But, there are times when we need to download a streaming video on Mac, and not every app will be able to perform that task.

Our best advice for you would be to use Elmedia Player, simply because Elmedia Player downloads any videos from the web on Mac. The whole process is extremely easy to understand. Simply activate the PRO version, paste the URL in the browser mode and choose the file you want to download from the list of the available files. One thing that’s left to do is just to click Download.

We investigated what users who are looking for a satisfying result when downloading videos on Mac said in their reviews. You can see a list of requirements made by them and put forward to an online video downloader for Mac. By reading it, you will easily conclude what is the best Mac videos downloader for you.


Understandably enough, the best solution is a free one. People would rather get a job done without paying any money for it.

Download Speed

The solution should be as fast as a lightning! Generally speaking, people don’t want to spend much time on Mac video downloads.


A simple and user-friendly app is invaluable. People don’t want to spend ages looking for the download button.

Quality Selection

Tastes vary, and different people are looking for different things. While some want to download a video in minimal resolution, others would prefer it in HD format. Preferences are important.

Format Selection

An option to choose a format is highly valued. Even if people download a video on Mac, there is a high probability that they will need to save it in some other format, supported by the desired device.

Audio Extraction

For all the music lovers out there it’s of great importance to be able to extract audio files from a video. It happens very often that people are more interested in the soundtrack than the video itself. The ability to choose an audio format is of great importance, e.g. MP3 and save the track, not the whole video.

Playlists Support

An option to download a playlist in its entirety, not just one, separate video is desirable, especially among those who use YouTube service.

Ads Display

Ads are not wanted. Online solutions which provide free download have to find a way to obtain money. Unfortunately, they are so filled with ad banners, pop ups and other tricks that anybody would just loose the will to visit that page any time soon. Third party apps claim to be free and also have app, but you will realize that as soon as you open that app it will keep on demanding from you to install another app or buy something.

Technical Support

Competent and efficient support. If people ever want to ask a question or two about some features, and are interested in hearing professionals, being able to do so will make an important difference.


When third party apps are in question, the developers usually keep track of all the updates. However, many free app developers don’t care about updating their apps on time.

Updates Support

Online video hosting services are popular for changing algorithms of video uploading. Because of this, developers of the apps need to keep track of the changes and update their software as soon as they can.

Downloaded Content Playback

It’s handy to be able to play back the downloaded video right away, regardless of the format that’s in.

Resume Capability

The ability to resume a stopped download is more than appreciated. If your Internet connection gets interrupted in any way, you will simply be able to continue where you left off. Otherwise, you’ll go through an unpleasant experience.

Streaming Video Download

Streaming Mac videos downloader is extremely popular and it is basically content transmitted over the Internet and displayed to the viewer in real time.