Nov 27

SAP Vistex – A Great Tool to Carry Out Incentive Programs Flawlessly

sap vistex trainingAre you a manufacturer or distributor of consumer and commercial products, medical and pharmaceutical devices, high-tech electronics, industrial machinery, or any such goods, and want to improve sales and production, and build client satisfaction by rewarding your best employees with incentives? Today a best solution for these jobs is available in the form of SAP Vistex! Let’s see what SAP Vistex is.

Incentive Programs

Incentive programs are getting increasing popularity as business owners have found that they are great motivational tools not only to improve bottom-line earning, but also offer a strategic tool that can streamline business activities with business goals.

How is Vistex Helpful?

Vistex has created the SAP Incentive Administration application which supports various incentive programs and agreements from the easiest to the most complicated ones. SAP Incentive Administration can be integrated flawlessly with your SAP software and can offer robust administration, reporting and analysis abilities. This powerful module allows you to manage commission and other incentive schemes efficiently. You can easily set your goals and quotas, and check actual results vis-à-vis your budget.

SAP Vistex and its Incentive Administration module further offers a wide range of tools with which you can analyze incentive programs and report results.

The SAP Incentive Administration also allows you to control incentive programs so that you can align your activities with your objectives.

Vistex knows that while deciding whether or not to invest in new software, major factors to consider are small cost of ownership and a fast return on investment. By enabling the Enterprise Commerce Framework, Vistex software has demonstrated thought leadership in income and expenditure processes and has addressed prominent issues and gaps in business processes like:

  • Contracts, pricing and promotions
  • Accrual, calculation and settlement of commissions
  • Chargeback/billback claims
  • Cash application
  • Simplifying and reorganizing SAP Master Data Maintenance
  • Performance-induced rebates

Above all, Vistex module is embedded in your SAP solution. This means that system interface development is eliminated and there is no need of separate infrastructure, maintenance costs or skill-set investment as are commonly needed in case of bolt-on “point solutions”. offers excellent SAP Vistex Training so as to make you an expert in forming and maintaining purchase rebates, sales rebates, billbacks and chargebacks with the help of SAP Vistex module. Visit their website to know more.