Nov 17

Top 3 Tips to Create a Fantastic Online Free Logo

Online Free LogoGone are the days when businesses had to hire an expert for designing their logos and pay her/him a hefty sum for the job. Now logo design is available for free! Don’t believe it? You will believe it after visiting this site:!

So, I am sure, you may have been much excited to see what you have been offered and have started thinking of a killer logo design, right? But… are you feeling stuck up? Getting no design ideas? Here are some tips to start with.

1. Take Ideas from Established Businesses

You watch hundreds of advertisements every day and of course their logos too. You may get inspired from one of them. So, watch these logos carefully. The secret of success of a business is largely dependent on its logo. Hence, watch those logos and think what might have made them so famous.

2. Characteristics of an Effective Logo

What should be the characteristics of an effective logo? It should be as simple as possible, distinctive, catchy and should convey your message effectively.

  • Why Simple? It’s because the viewers should remember it and should not forget it due to its complexity.
  • Why Distinctive? Obviously it’s because your business should stand out from others.
  • Why Catchy? It should be catchy so that people should get attached to it mentally and should remember it forever!
  • You might have seen many ads that are beautiful, funny, to the extent that you love them! But after they are over, if someone asks you what the product was, you don’t remember! It’s because the ad is made beautifully, but not effectively. Your logo should not be so; it should convey your message and product name. Take the example of Apple logo; it has no text in it, still we remember the name as the logo has conveyed its brand name (message) effectively!

3. It’s Not Just Imagination!

If you think that you will sit in your library, watch famous logos in magazines or on the internet, then go into your meditation room, think of something, and you will get an idea of your logo. Well, this is not impossible. But if it doesn’t happen, you will have to do some research; rather, doing research will be helpful.

  • Study your industry, its history and competitors.
  • Study successful and trendy logo styles, check whether there is a reason behind their success (it is, of course; you have to find that).
  • You may take breaks so as to refresh your mind and let your ideas mature; allow the process of from-art-to-craft.
  • You may come across logos that seemingly have no reason to be famous, but have got a lot of success; e.g. Nike logo! So, you will have to study this point too.

Do such a thorough study and create a fantastic logo totally free with!