Feb 11

Top 5 Tips to Make Every Second On Instagram Productive

making money with instagramAs an Instagram fanatic, you might have asked yourself often if you can use all the social media time to do earn some real money and also might have thought that the answer is ‘no’! However, the good news is that you can actually make money with the photo-sharing social media platform. Instagram is a powerful marketing tool with hundreds of millions of users, many of whom are millennials, posting 80 million photos every day to the Facebook-owned platform. Definitely you can convert this massive force to an income. Here are a few useful tips.

1. Build an Instagram Audience First

This is the first and foremost part and probably the most difficult too; but without it, you cannot go further as whatever you do makes no sense if there is no one to pay attention. Here are some tips:

  • Create an impressive bio with no field left empty, right keywords and clever use of emoticons
  • Keep posting every day
  • Choose a time for posting when there is not much of competition; this is roughly between 2am and 5pm
  • Consider the demographic and likings of your targeted customers
  • Post high quality content
  • Make correct use of hashtags as without them your images may not get the desired attention
  • Remember that posting 15-second videos is allowed on Instagram; make the most of it

2. Making Money through Affiliate Marketing

Once you build a massive follower base on Instagram, there are many ways with which you can make money, and one of the best among them is affiliate marketing. Affiliate programs give you a commission on every sale. Choose good programs and start making money! Your bio information is a great place for your ‘affiliate URL’. Remember to save space by shortening the link with a tool like Google URL Shortener or TinyURL.

3. Promote Products

Instagram being a visual tool is the best for product promotion. If you have your own products, your Instagram account is an ideal place to promote them. Don’t forget hashtags. Also take care of bringing a variety in the promotion rather than plainly posting the photos; e.g. tell the story behind crafting or show raw materials etc.

4. Use Correct Hashtags

Using hashtags and using correct hashtags makes the difference between an Instagram user and an Instagram money-maker. If you want to make quick money with Instagram by grouping concepts, ideas and trends, making your hashtags count is important.

5. Use Follow Adder

If all the above tasks seem difficult to you, don’t worry! There is still a great tool for you called Follow Adder. This is a super easy tool which helps you in making money on Instagram. It automates your account management and lets you do your other tasks. So, you can relax while Follow Adder works for you!

Follow these tips and you will be a proud Instagram user that makes every second productive!