Jan 24

Various Solutions for Scheduling Downloads on Mac

Folx for scheduling downloadsYou might have wished often how enjoyable and relaxing it would be if you could schedule your downloads. Scheduling downloads offers you more control over time as well as traffic cost and allows downloads even in your absence. You also get better rates from some ISPs if you use traffic not at peak hours, such as nights. If you don’t have a download manager that doesn’t provide you the facility of scheduling downloads on Mac, you would like to know about other more advanced options that will allow you that.

Scheduling Mac Downloads

Folx is one of the best solutions to schedule downloads for Mac. Here’s how you can schedule Mac downloads with the Folx app – a powerful Mac download manager.

Download and install Folx on your Mac. Purchase the activation code from the developer’s website and activate the PRO version.

Go to Folx settings and open Schedule tab where you can select days, start time and end time (at which you want the download to be done).
Select that action that you want to be performed by Folx on completion of download.
Add the action of download and immediately change the Start option to Scheduled.

And there you are! Your downloads will be done on the scheduled timings.

Folx is even a very nice torrent downloader. Moreover, it’s easy to use.

Here are some salient features of Folx:

  • Folx can resume disrupted downloads automatically.
  • You can speed up the downloads by splitting them in 2 threads.
  • It works with magnet links and downloads torrent files.
  • It enables you to tag downloads for improved organization and simplified search of downloaded content.
  • It can incorporate with your browser.

Here are features of the PRO version:

  • It allows you to schedule downloads.
  • It allows you to search the web for torrents.
  • The “Smart Speed” option allows you to distribute internet traffic more evenly; this is particular useful for slower connections.
  • Multithreading facilitates faster downloads.
  • YouTube videos can be downloaded.
  • You can save and auto fill the passwords for websites you download.

Other Options

One of the other apps for scheduling downloads on Mac is iGetter. This download manager and accelerator knows how to postpone downloads for Mac till the low traffic hours (e.g. 3 am).

iGetter allows you to set the automatic downloading and select whether to shutdown and/or hang-up your computer upon completion of download. Remember that if you manually pause the download, the automatic process will not involve it. So, ensure that you set the downloads in pending mode if you want them to go according to the schedule with iGetter.

Another tool is Xtreme for scheduling Mac downloads. With this tool, you can get the internet connection at the set time, download files, and even disconnect or shut down your computer upon completion of downloads.