Jan 15

5 Factors Necessary for the Best Web Design

best web designWith more and more websites emerging every day, it’s hard to get noticed in the crowd. What you really need here is web design that will make your website stand out. But that is the job of web designers, isn’t it? Are you finding yourself helpless with that thought? But believe me, according to professional web designers at DesignOnTarget.Website, Web Design at Riverside CA, anyone can create a fantastic design at least of their homepage in just some minutes. Don’t believe it? Read on.

1. Balance

The first thing you will have to pay attention to is balance. Balance refers to checking that your design doesn’t tilt to only one side. In other words, you will have to achieve a symmetry or asymmetry. If you don’t take care of laying out things perfectly, your design may lose balance quite fast. The visual weight of the design can be manipulated in several ways, like size, color and adding or removing elements. You can also achieve asymmetrical balance; but it’s a tricky job and needs a trained eye.

2. Grid

A grid is a lineup of vertical and horizontal rulers with which you can divide your design in compartments. Just as columns enhance readability, grids provide spacing which makes things easier on eyes. This is similar to the Rule of Thirds professional photographers use to take the best photographs. The subject in a professionally shot image is normally not in the center, but in the intersection of an imaginary grid. The grid provides a strict clear structuring of elements though the design itself may not be very impressive to look at.

3. Color

While choosing colors, you should be careful, not choosing them randomly. Some colors go with each other well, while some don’t. There are lots of hypotheses on colors and their mixes, including contrasting schemes and monochromes; but fortunately, you need not necessarily study them, because a lot depends on your common sense and understanding.

Just checking what is working together can achieve what you want. Study the color schemes of many websites and check how colors interact with each other. You might have felt before that certain websites don’t look good – was it because of their horrible color combinations?

Choose only 2-3 base colors for your design and then their shades (darker, blended with black) and tints (lighter, blended with white) so as to extend the palette wherever needed.

4. Graphics

Importance of graphics is well-known. However, graphics should be great. Poor graphics would do bad to your design than good. Graphics are visual messages. Many professional designers choose only a few graphics, for example, a non-intrusive on the background and a stylish crown. Check the graphics on DesignOnTarget.Website, for example, which are not excessively impressive, but add to the feel and look of the website, and you will realize that none of them is out of place.

5. White Space

White space is a very important factor, just as zero has the highest value in mathematics. It offers a breathing room to the text along with spatial peace. By putting in white space around elements, you can make them stand out. White space is extremely necessary to increase readability of your text content.

Web design is not limited to these five factors, and therefore, it’s a difficult subject. But these factors will make you get a feel and develop your insight to judge a good web design, so that you can learn to do the job yourself or identify and hire the best web designer.