Jun 07

5 Most Prominent Types of Web Designs that You Should Know

types of web designsIt’s definite that you should choose a great design for your website. But do you know that there are different types in web designs? Professional web designers at FusingMarketing.com, providing web design in Philadelphia, tell us about the various types of web designs.

1. Minimalist Web Design

This is the best form of web design because it removes all unnecessary components and presents only the essence of the design. This eliminates the chances of distractions and makes your visitor focus on only the most important part of your website, i.e. your product or service.

2. Fluid Web Design

Fluid or liquid web design allows the content to spread or shrink as per resizing of the website. Thus if you enlarge the size, the content will become big, and if you make it small, the content will become small. So, if there are columns of information in your site, they will increase or reduce in size according to the size of the page.

3. Fixed Web Design

Unlike the fluid design, the fixed design has a fixed width that won’t change even if you resize the page. Thus, on smaller screens like that of a smartphone or tablet, this type of content is difficult to see and irritating if the viewer would have to scroll horizontally to read the entire line, or constantly need to zoom in or out. Also, with a change of the size of the page, text and images fall apart which too is disturbing.

4. Illustrative Web Design

Illustrative web design is an extremely versatile type of web design and makes use of illustrations and cartoons in designing the website. Incorporating a creative activity like drawing in the design of a website is a great idea and one of the best methods of presenting the information to your readers. However you should also remember that the more illustrations and graphics in your site, the slower will be its loading speed.

5. Responsive Web Design

This is the best type of web design because it makes viewing and navigating easier, no matter on which device the website is being viewed. This eliminates the need of resizing, scrolling horizontally or panning the pages and gives the most pleasant experience to the user. With the responsive design, the designers don’t have to design multiple formats for different devices.

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