Oct 11

A Pleasant User Experience of Website – A Powerful Tool for Marketing Your Business

web designUse of internet is fast spreading and eventually, every aspect of life, including business promotion, is getting itself linked to internet. Thus websites have become powerful tools for business promotions. Just as customers are attracted to shops having pleasant décor, friendly customer service and availability of useful goods, they are attracted to websites that they can use without any problem, and get a pleasant user experience. A website is your 24/7 salesperson and so, you should provide keen attention to make it as efficient as possible. Here are some useful tips for that.

White Space is Essential

Often clients are keen about the empty (white) space on their websites to make use of them to advertise their products and services and they blame their web agency for leaving these empty spaces. But in reality, empty spaces are essential for a good-looking website and pleasant user experience.

According to experts, white space around titles and texts increase users’ attention by 20%. Freshness, modernity and openness of the site are also increased because of white space.

Loading Speed

This is another aspect of your website that you should be careful about. If your site takes too much time to load, your visitor doesn’t wait for it for long; instead, s/he prefers to turn to your competitor’s site, which might load faster than your site. Here you should also consider the compatibility of the site to mobile devices. Remember that your site may be visited by people from different parts of the world from various platforms and it can get a very good exposure. But if it’s going to take hours to load, you may lose a valuable chunk of potential customers. There are useful tips for improving your site’s loading speed across the web, e.g. by Google too.

mobile compatibility

Call to Action

While marketing your products and services through your website, you always want your customers to do something – visit your product pages, browse through the products and ultimately buy them. For this, you need a strong call to action. But the call to action should be attractive and you should choose attractive colors and graphics, rather than gaudy colors and overly aggressive words. Your call to action should attract your customers’ attention immediately, but delightfully and insistently.

Think about psychology of colors. Research has shown in increase in action by 11% when right colors were used. This is because different colors induce different messages. You should use colors meant to evoke trust, intelligence and experience in users’ minds.

Equally important are the words you use for the call to action. Your words must include an action – a verb – that will excite the visitor to DO something. Right words are psychological triggers that determine the level of emotional recognition; if there is no emotional recognition, there is no action. So, make careful use of words for call to action.

A website can thus become your most efficient marketer by offering excellent user experience. Use these tips to make it as user friendly as possible and see a significant increase in traffic.