Jun 18

Animation – the Most Effective Medium of Communication

anime Organic AnimationsGone are the days when animation was seen only in cartoon films. Today animation is used for various purposes, in education, business, advertisements and many other fields of life. Animators continuously explore ways to make use of this fabulous medium to provide us a new window every now and then. Animation can be used to entertain, educate, inform and inspire, by showing us the world and life in a way we didn’t see it before!

Animation Explains Better

Cartoon films are everyone’s favorite. There may be hardly anyone who doesn’t laugh and isn’t amused upon the sight of a cartoon. This fact is now used for explaining things to people because more than any other traditional form of education like reading and writing, watching cartoons has been proved to be the form which explains better. Kids and adults who are particularly reluctant to read and write can learn better with animated videos and moreover, they can remember the information better than they could have after reading it.

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Animation Saves Time

A teacher can explain a concept in a shorter time with an animated film than delivering a lengthy lecture. Students too can watch an animated video of say 5 minutes rather than reading a book which may take an hour or so. This is because of the ability of animation to capture one’s mind. More than written or printed alphabets and numbers, pictures captivate audience’s minds within fraction of a second. Therefore animation saves a lot of time.

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Illiterate too can Learn

Animations are self-explanatory. They don’t have to be learned like alphabets and numbers. If something is to be explained to illiterate people, animation is one of the best media to do so. This is also true when you want to explain your point to people who don’t know your language. You can explain them better with animation much more quickly than trying to learn their language or teach them your language and then explain things.

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Effective Tool for Marketing

If you want to explain your products and services to people, what can be a better medium than animation? It attracts people towards your business and convinces them quickly. In today’s digital age, when people prefer more to stick to their smartphones and the internet, animation works wonders. So, you can create short explanatory animated videos and publish on your social media accounts and they become effective marketing tools for you.

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Animation is Economical

Human presence cannot be underestimated in any way. Still if you have just started a business and cannot afford to pay real people to do marketing for you and modeling in your business ads, animation is much more economical and effective way of marketing and advertising. Rather than sending salespersons to your target audience you can send animated CDs or post animated videos on your social media accounts and many other places to spread a word about your business. Another important benefit of cartoons (animations) is they can do incredible things which human models cannot!

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