Nov 06

Benefits of Having a Website

Web design is the process of planing, creating and organizing website. The page that can be seen on the web browser includes text, images, digital media and interactive elements shaped by the web designer. The whole process includes conceptualization, planning, production, post-production, research, advertising… Even though, web has a short history, there have been various architectural and creative artistic styles developed among different national, social, cultural and language communities. There are clear differences between website design styles in Europe and North America. Also, in Asia, there is a great difference between Taiwanese, Japanese, Chinese and Korean website styles. For example,  Web Design Jacksonville Florida will meet exact needs of the company which does its own business on North American market. 

A website provides a visual presentation for a company/organization. Every company can afford it and it is always available to anyone having Internet access. It can be found through search engines. A website is interactive because visitors have the ability to control and interact with it. This interactivity improves customer relations, too. A website is easily updated and it saves the money because there is no printing and mailing costs.
Website can be divided into its main page (home page) and other pages depending on what is website presenting. Initial site design usually needs small tweaks and changes after it goes online/live. Major updates and re-designs are undertaken periodically. There are essentially three kinds of websites: a bad website, a good website and an effective website. The bad website is not hard to recognize because they are usually just flat out bad and commonly they are not of a very high aesthetic quality. Usually, they are annoying having terrible navigation and they quickly send visitors away. A good website is the one that is commonly seen. It has a professional appearance, good content, sensible navigation and it is highly aesthetic. But, the website from which the company would benefit the most is an effective website. The primary difference is the profit, but also this kind of website anticipates the needs of the visitor (customer) and it meets those needs. Effective websites require more planning, creativity and organizing to create, but the rewards are worth it.