Dec 23

Charitable Websites – Useful Tips

Charities usually rely on a voluntary funding and therefore there are more important things ahead of a budget for the website. However, you should get the most out of your site, even if your budget is tight. There are several things you should mention and some information about certain charity, but the main objective of the charity website is to get visitors involved with that charity, because it will eventually result in the money donation. KDR Creative Media is a company that understands your needs and requirements and it offers engaging website planning, designing and maintenance for charitable organizations (and small and medium sizes business companies).

Charitable organizations might have a wide range of aims and goals and the scope of activities might be global, national or local. Here we can see the similarity between charitable organizations and businesses. However, there are very obvious differences between these two types of organizations. Mostly, charity organizations do not sell products and they do not offer services, they rather accept donations.

If your charity organization has been around for a while, your website should tell that story. Let the potential sponsors know who you are, who have you been working for, your previous accomplishments, your future goals. Many people are willing to help others in trouble, but you should make them believe your story, make it real and worth donating. Your website might not be expensive, but it has to present you as an active, trustworthy organization.

If a website design company offers to do the job for free, it might be a nice option. However, check out their previous work and if you like it, start your partnership. It is common to give credit to their work by linking to their site from the footer and post something about that company on blogs, forums etc. However, if you do not like their work, it is better to pay some money than to get it for free, but your website does not show any wanted results.