Aug 31

How To Be Designers Of SEO Websites!

It is surprising that there are many website designers who don’t care for search engine optimization, worse case being, some even don’t know what SEO is! If you fall under one of these categories, henceforth keep in mind, that other than people typing your website’s name in their browsers and some referrals, the only means to let people know about your website is search engine! And so, it is of no use to be a website designer, but it is necessary to be designers of SEO websites!

To understand the importance of SEO, consider only one thing – the intention of your website! Have you designed a website to keep it in an unseen corner of the web? Certainly not! You want traffic to your website, so that whatever stated on the website, should be read by many, many people! And do all the people on this earth have got the news that you have designed a website, which contains some useful content for them? This is also certainly not the case! When your site will rank high in the search engines, only and only then it will reach more and more people. And to bring about this, you should be designers for SEO websites, meaning search engine optimized websites!

Remember that search engines have programs called ‘web spider’ or ‘web crawler’, which crawl on your web pages, read the matter there and bring it to the database of the search engines. When someone tries to search something through search engines, the relevant websites are presented to the searcher because of the job done by these very spiders or crawlers. Search engines tally the search terms and the collected data to see if both match each other and if they do, they present the names of the relevant sites before the searcher. And there are some decisive factors, which are collectively termed as search engine algorithm, based on which the search engines decide this relevance. The higher the number of these factors in your page, the higher is your page’s rank in the search engine!

There are certain things which you can observe to become a successful designer of SEO websites. Firstly, write for the AUDIENCE. If you just intend to write something which is just attractive-looking, but has no real sense in it, it may create a fluff for your site, but it will be punctured soon too. Write about what people want to know. You can find out the topics through a little research. Excellent free keyword tools, like Google Keyword Tool, are there at your service; make use of them! You need not spend your life in finding out what people like to read. Once you get a practice of finding it out, you will find out your next topic faster.

Once you find the right keywords, you may want to use them maximum times in your article, as a general concept. Some people are of opinion to keep 2% of keyword density. But can you imagine, if your keywords are like ‘designers for SEO websites’, will it look good, if you use them twice per every 100 words? No! Remember, you are writing for your readers and not for search engines. Use the keywords in a natural way; don’t stuff them in your content. If your content is reader-friendly and really useful, search engines will automatically find that and will give you higher rank.

One more important thing is interlinking. Why not link the pages of your own site with each other? The search engine spider thus will crawl to all the pages of your site! But remember to link the pages by some relevant text and not by ‘Click here’.

Another important thing is keep in touch with your site! Yes! This is important for fixing broken or abandoned links. If you have removed a page from your site, take care to remove its link; don’t procrastinate this important job. You can make use of Google Webmaster Tool to find out the broken links.

The last thing, which actually should be remembered first, is to have patience! You may have done everything right as per the rules; still your site may not be ranked high immediately. Remember, search engines take time to index and rank sites; so have patience! In the meantime, you may try to change your keyword formation. That works many times.

How to be designers of SEO websites is a very deep subject and there is a lot to learn! There are many nooks and corners in this dense jungle, about which we will discuss some other time!