Jun 07

More Web Design Tips that will Help You Create a Perfect Website

elliotthomes website designSo, you are preparing for the online presence of your business, i.e. you are planning to have a website. Do you have any idea about your website’s design, how it should be, how it should look, etc? If you have not thought of these things and left everything to your web designer, it’s recommended that you should have your own opinions and ideas about your website. That will ensure that your website will be just perfect. Here at WSpaceDesign.com, we invite experts from time to time to share tips for our readers regarding various web design related topics. Today expert web designers at WoodAndCoCreative.com, a leading Sherwood Park web design agency, share valuable tips here about what design elements your website should have.

Fast Loading

You might have come across many times websites that take too much of time to load and you might have left them finally and turned towards other sites because of sheer boredom. If your website takes too much of time to load, your visitors too will react in the similar way. Therefore this is the most important point you should remember that the design of your website should be such that the site will load fast. It’s not necessary that a website which is looking great with many attractive images and graphics will load fast. On the contrary, the graphics and images slow down the loading speed. So, don’t be tempted to include many images or anything else that will slow down your site.

Compliant to All Types of Screens

Today people use many types of computers including smartphones and tablets. If your website is compliant to only desktop computer screen, you will miss visitors from the small gadgets. Today’s young generation, who can be your major audience, accesses internet through mobile phones. Therefore you should see to it that your website is friendly to all types of computer screens.

Compliant to All Browsers

Similar to all-screens-compliance, your website should have compliance with all sorts of browsers too. Whether the users use Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Netscape, your site should load well in any browser.

Pay Attention to Theme

Theme of your website should suit your business, products or service. Only then your website will be search engine friendly. If the design and theme are not suitable to your business it will look weird and will hardly attract visitors.

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