May 15

Now You Can Make a Website Without the Knowledge of Coding with Breezi

We all know that Microsoft is not making FrontPage anymore, but that doesn’t mean people no longer require a visual method to make websites. Opposite to this, Breezi comes in the ranks of visual website making tools apart from Jimbo, Weebly, Wix and various other tools. Breezi may not be very different than others, but it definitely has its own style.

The entire point of making a visual website is that it is not necessary to be a web developer. Breezi knows very well about this, and arranged a wonderful introduction that functions even if you don’t know anything about web development. It is not necessary to have an account to see the tutorial. It lets you start with a main template for a website that sells unicorn meat, and then you view a short video about working with text labels. Then you can try it on your own, and move to next step, which includes another video and activities. The whole thing includes six steps, it will take you around ten minutes to work on it.

To create a page with Breezi, you begin by choosing a layout. The layout is a fundamental framework, for instance, a header, then a huge area split down the middle for the content, and then a footer. Many layouts are more complicated than this, but that is the main idea. To insert content into your layout, you drag and keep apps. There is a text app for plain titles and text, a Twitter app, a video app, a picture app and more. You just have to drag and drop in a proper place in the layout, and then you can set it up, fill in text, choose a content source for the video and so on.

Breezi also provides a blog editor that is built-in, but it will not allow you invite collaborators like Weebly. The concept is the designer will complete working on the site and then give to the client for editing however he or she likes.