Apr 25

Types of WordPress Themes – Which One will You Choose?

simplemag themeWordPress is one of the most popular website builders. The beautiful part of their software is the numerous WordPress themes with which you can change the look of your site. By keeping your content the same, you can change the way your website appears. WordPress themes also play a critical role in SEO. Learning about WordPress themes and their types would be interesting too.

Free WordPress Themes

There are actually countless free WordPress themes available. You can find them easily by visiting WordPress.org and access their themes directory. These are 100% free. However there is a big drawback. You have to be careful while using them. Some of them are high standard, developed by professional developers, while some others are created by amateurs who don’t always understand the importance of doing their job correctly. Themes have a great impact on site’s performance, look, feel and SEO. So, don’t just pick a theme just because it looks good; read and research about it and more importantly, read reviews about it. While reading reviews, look for if the theme performs great.

Premium WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress themes are high quality and are developed by big or small companies and you have to pay for them in most cases. They usually range between $50 and $100 for one website license. The cost is worth because it offers the following advantages:

  • SEO optimized
  • High quality code
  • More amount of customization
  • Focus on performance
  • Implementation of latest web standards

With a little knowledge of HTML and PHP, anyone can hack a WordPress theme. However, it should be remembered that poorly written theme can actually hurt the performance of your site, make it act crazily and negatively affect your SEO efforts.

Premium themes are available with a wide array of customization features and options which allow you to tweak the look and functionality of your website. Many times, these options allow you to change layout and color of your site just with a point and click interface. These features and abilities are not provided in free themes.

Custom WordPress Themes

Custom themes allow you to give your website a truly unique and sophisticated look. They are usually used by online stores and other exclusive sites.

Custom themes are developed particularly for a website by web designers and offer greater flexibility and options limited only by money and technology. Their drawback is they are much more expensive, ranging between $500 and $3000 based on how skilled the designer is and how sophisticated the theme is. The cost is more usually if there are more custom graphics included.

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