Aug 30

Web Designing for Musicians and Bands

Web designing is a form of art itself, but designing web sites for musicians has to be really artistic and creative. Most of web designers offer service that it is not exactly what bands need. Web designer has to promote band’s creative output and not to think about his/her own preferences and style. So, band website design has to achieve the goals of the musicians, so they can stick to their own business – writing and playing awesome music. Almost every band has its site, but most of them are really lousy designed, while only a rare handful of them are creative, effective and attractive. So, what should be done in order to do web designing work well?

First of all, pay attention to the upper left corner of your website, because the most web users looks first look there. That is the spot to put a band’s name or a logo, plus some nice and creative eye-catching image. Use shorter paragraphs rather than long scrolling texts on your website. If you want to draw visitors’ attention, use bold sub headlines and bullet points. Good content is very important, therefore you should look for something entertaining and interesting to provide visitors while they are on the website. Create an entertaining atmosphere that will be worth revisiting from time to time. Besides textual content, website should contain professional band photos, but try to reduce the size of the images, otherwise, it could take a lot of time for a website to load.

Band website should send the message of the band, but at the same time it should be user-friendly and to provide all the information fans and people from the showbiz want to know: band bio, tour dates, news etc. Band should definitively avoid hiring an ordinary web designer. Rather than that, musicians should look for a specialized web designer who will meet their needs in the best possible way.