Mar 18

Web Hosting and Web Designing – the Difference

differnce - hosting and designingIf you are a business owner thinking of giving your business an online dimension forming a website, you should be educated about certain terms like web designing and web hosting. These two are very important when you own a website for the development of your business. So, you should understand the difference between them.

While both of them are essential jobs in the formation and maintenance of a website, they are very dissimilar in terms of how they are handled and what they bring about. Because many times they are offered as a dual service from a same vendor, some people are under the impression that web design and hosting are just two names of the same job. Let’s see what is required by each of them and how to get the right help with the two.

Web Design

Web design is concerned with the creation of web pages. It is much similar to the job once typesetters used to do of arranging the elements on a template to create individual pages of a newspaper. A web designer too combines various elements to create the desired result. Elements are text, images, graphics, colors and font sizes which are all utilized to design and create pages for a website, which should be informative and also attractive to look at. The actual meaning of web designer is the creator of a website. S/He designs each page individually while still combining it well with all the other pages to make up the site.

Web Hosting

On the other hand, web hosting is a task of making the fully designed website available to the visitors on the internet. A web hosting company makes contracts with business owners and individuals to offer bandwidth and server space where the website can actually be hosted or reside. Web host ensures that there is sufficient bandwidth to maintain the amount of traffic that commonly comes to the website every day. Some high standard web hosts include automated controls and notifications to allow website owners to know when traffic amount is about to exceed the current bandwidth limitations.

Because many web hosting companies do the job of web designing too, many people are confused about the two tasks and consider them same. In some cases, templates are offered to the site owner which can be used to create web pages. Other hosts provide full time designers who work with the clients one on one to design pages. Therefore several business owners choose a host who can offer web design services.

However you can hire two different companies for your web designing and web hosting. There are many designers available online today who also offer a free consultation from which you can decide whether they are right for your job. But you also consider choosing same company for the two jobs because it is convenient, easy to ensure that the designing code will work with the host and often is economical because of the combined reduced rate. It is better to think and decide which option is better for your business, so that it will give you maximum success.

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