Apr 09

Does Small Business Need a Mobile Websites?

mobile website for small businessHaving a website as a small business owner is a must nowadays, but what about mobile websites? Is having a mobile presence necessary? Yes, indeed. According to Search Engines (Google, primarily) more than 40% of all searches are currently done via mobile phones and internet enabled devices. In fact, many customers use their mobile phones to read reviews and compare prices while shopping. What is more important, customers who search for service or products using their smart phones are more likely to buy it in near future. Laptop and desktop users usually do more research than active shopping, while 70% mobile phone users buy those products in the near future.

Because of the importance of mobile marketing, having a mobile website can promote and benefit your small business very much. To meet this demand, your mobile website has to be designed correctly and to load fast enough. What are the features your mobile website should have? Click-for-Directions and Click-to-Call are very important features, and also click-to-email. Convenient, easy “one click away” communication is what clients really look for when browsing and shopping. But, too many features can slow down loading and websites that do not render properly and quick are usually deleted or abandoned by users. Also, ask your internet marketing experts to provide you pinch-to-zoom feature. Being to the point and quick does not mean not to include important information. So, provide your clients fast information by having a straight forward mobile website. Keep in mind that mobile websites require special hosting, maintenance and special platforms where all the features can run smoothly. Typical web hosting services at this moment do not meet all these needs. Web development for mobile website and regular websites is not the same, so you have to be sure you are hiring an expert who will enable you to get the most out of mobile marketing and get you more customers and clients.